• Nightly Round Up #21

    Shouldn't Luna be the theme pony for these?  Why didn't I think of that before?

    Anyway off to the news!

    Fluttershy Rap Hits #3 For Most Favorited Video On Youtube.

    Looks like ponies have gone viral once again!  How many of these does it need before it hits an internet record?  The Fluttercussing Rap thing from a few days ago has spread to just about every corner of the web, and continues to grow in popularity.  And to think, I almost didn't post it due to the subject matter!

    Pinkie Pie Describes the Events of Sonic Rainboom

    This is pretty old, but just in case some of you newer people haven't been exposed to it, Pinkie Pie actually explains the "Rainbow Dash saving Rarity" scene from Sonic Rainboom during Griffon the Brushoff.  Check out the video below, it demonstrates it pretty clearly. 

    You know, I used to think Star Wars geeks were pretty ridiculous with all of their reading between the lines and fanon... yet here I am doing it with My Little Pony. 

    Grimdark Pony RP Forums

    Tired of that happy go lucky show centric RP other boards roll with?  This one looks to defeat that, with a corrupt Princess Celestia and much darker setting.  If you are interested in something like this, you can find the site here!

    Diamond Dog Names Assigned to Specific Dogs

    Looks like Jayson has cleared some stuff up for us.  While Lauren did give us the names of all three dogs, she didn't specify which was which.  So, have a list of dogs, and names!
    • Rover: The leader
    • Fido: The big one
    • Spot: The small bulldog
    We don't have a ton of fics about these guys, but at least they have names now!

    Four More Official Tee Shirts from Welovefine.com

    The people over at We Love Fine have released a few new officially licenced brony centric shirts. They are still really interested in hearing feedback from everyone in the community.   This is the only place specifically targeting us so far with an actual FiM license, so supporting it is a good way to show Hasbro that we are relevant in the money making scheme of things.  (so better merch in other words!) 

    Their contest entries will also be going through a voting process a week from today for all of you who entered.  Good luck!

    Also have some links!

    Spike Shirt
    Twilight Sparkle Shirt
    Pinkie Pie Shirt
    Pinkie Pie Shirt 2

    FiM Android Soundboard Updated

    The guy who built the Android pony soundboard has upgraded the app to version two!  Each pony got an extra five sounds, and all of the broken links have been fixed.  You can find the new version here! I highly suggest just downloading it straight to your phone and using a free unzip application like Androzip to extract it.  It literally takes 50 seconds (counting the megaupload download timer)

    14 Minute Pony Review from Dark Side of the Moon

    This guy did a full explanation/review of Friendship is Magic.  He does a really good job of explaining why the show is so popular.  You can find it here!

    Yoyo Pro Website Does a Brony Shoutout

    Apparently we are taking over yoyo websites now!  Ponies have popped up over at Yoyoskills.com.  Sadly it looks like they used a G1 for the main banner.  Oh well... You can find the actual post here!

    Urban Dictionary Throws Brony up as Word of the Day
    More major websites plugging ponies!  It's official, we have invaded EVERYTHING.

    You can find that here

    Equestria Daily News

    League of Legends Pony Hero

    Bad news on the League of Legends recruit a friend thing.  According to CAD comic, You don't actually help design a champion at all.  Kind of pointless I guess! Oh well...

    Episode Poster Contest

    This poster is awesome, and I think every episode needs one, so why not turn it into a competition thing?  I haven't really figured out the specifics yet, since I have a bunch of projects rolling right now, but I do want to gauge feedback.  How many of you would be interested in something like this?

    Lots of updates to the June/July Meetups!

    If you guys haven't been following the meetup post, and want to meet your fellow bronies, make sure to check it out! It updates pretty frequently.  A new one will be going up on July 1st to cover July/Aug. 

    And that is all for the news!  Off to schedule tomorrow morning!

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