• Luna plushie Scientifically Determined To Be the Cutest Thing Ever

    If I can be honest with you guys for a second, I'm really not all that into Luna. Blasphemy, I know. She's certainly very cute and I wish her all the best returning to her life in Canterlot. I hope she brings the house down in Season 2. But darn it, I just can't help but prefer Nightmare Moon. She had that whole "Queen of the Eternal Night" thing going on, plus a hammy 80's supervillain laugh. What does Luna have?

    This plushie. Oh my gosh, just look at it. If you can stare in those eyes and not want to hug her senseless, your heart is made of stone. No. Not even stone. It's some pit, some shapeless void, some gateway into the terrifying maw of the realms beyond the cosmos. To put it bluntly, you have no soul. My gosh she is pretty. And when you're breaking out the italicized goshes, you know it's gotten serious. So love this. Be jealous of the pony who commissioned it and gets to snuggle into bed with it every night. And head on over to the creator's DeviantART page and maybe see if you too have what it takes to bring a cuddly little pony into your home (from the look of things, it's a little bit of a touch and go process. Don't swamp the poor girl).

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