• Nightly Roundup #595

    You guys seem to want a return of the Princess of the Night, so why not have an epic picture of her for this evening?

    Time for the news guys! Check it all out after the break.

  • Comic: Trial By Fire: Hypothesis / Another Like it / The Old Days / Of Hands and Hooves

    A bit of sad, a bit of stupid, a bit of episode misunderstanding, it's comic time. Click for full!

  • Toy Review: Funko Molded Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy

    Similar to the last round of molded figures, I've grabbed me a set of the new ones to go with my Rainbow and Derpy.   Running with a completely new finish, how do these compare to the other two?  Head on down past the break for my review on Funko's Fluttershy and Doctor Whooves!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #730

    I can't tell if this is awesome or creepy as hell, I'm leaning toward awesome though. 

    Have some art! 

    [1] Source

    And banner by Foxy-Noxy! 

  • Pre-Orders of Luna, Masked Ponies, and More

    So.. Ponies in masks.  I wonder if this is a nod at a future episode or something? I honestly don't get it! 

    Big Bad Toy Store has tossed up pre-orders on Luna, the masked ponies, and fashion style ponies. Oddly they seem to be including them in full cases with the following:

    Fashion Pony Series 2:

    Fashion Pony Series 4
    2x Fashion Style Princess Twilight Sparkle
    1x Fashion Style Princess Cadance

    Fashion Pony Series 3 (Nothing Listed)

    Crystal Pony Series 3 (Masquerade)
    1x Masquerade Sunset Shimmer
    1x Masquerade Rainbow Dash
    1x Masquerade Pinkie Pie
    1x Masquerade Rarity

    Hopefully Toywiz or one of those other pre-order merchants pick up on singles, I don't think I'd ever need three Lunas, even if she is awesome.
  • Story Updates - February 28th

    Story updates! Go read stuff!

  • Story: The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle (Update Complete!)

    [Sad][Adventure][Dark]  "This is a story that engages the reader in its unique vision. What sets this story apart from similar works is the evocative use of subtlety and a fearlessness with its world-building, and all of this leading up to interesting original characters and a setting that is at once amazing and believable." -Prereader #13

    Author: Gweat and Powaful Twixie
    Description: But who could realistically steal the diary of a princess?

    Twilight froze as a fleeting thought seeded itself in her mind.

    "Were wars fought over you...?" she whispered darkly.

    When Twilight finds an unusual diary belonging to a pony only known as "Stella", she goes on a fantastic journey to save the souls of those written in its pages from a fate worse than death.

    Cover Art created and altered by wonderfully talented artist dstears.
    The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle (New Part Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: warm diary fantasy dream twilight
  • MIMOBOT Pony Flash Drives On Sale Now

    It looks like a bunch of stuff revolving around those new pony flash drives we saw a while back has popped up over at Mimoco.  Some of the interesting information listed in their press release:

    • Rarity, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash to start
    • Ranging from 8GB all the way to 128GB drives
    • Comes pre-loaded with Icons, Avatars, Wallpapers, Screensavers, Previews of upcoming pony books, soundbites, and More
     Head on over here to check out all three! It looks like 20 dollars for the smallest size, and up to 130 for the 128gb behemoth. 

    They also have a video explaining it all, find that below the break!

  • Game: Sweetie Bot's Pixel Trip

    Wow, this game is making me feel completely inadequate as a gamer.  I've never failed so hard before.

    Futz01 from the swarm of both multi-player and single player games that have popped up over the last year has released a new one, where you jump from pixel to pixel as Sweetie Belle while running from the sides of the screen.  Eventually things get absolutely insane with pixels swerving every which way.  Needless to say, it takes some getting used to.

    Find it here!
  • Radio Plays: Doctor Whooves and Daring Do Episode 3: Daleks in Equestria / Lovestruck / Fallout Equestria Radio Play - Xenith Meets the Crew

    We have a bit of Doctor Who, and a bit of Fallout. Hope your ears aren't occupied! Find them all below.

    1.) The Adventures of Doctor Whooves and Daring Do Episode 3: Daleks in Equestria
    2.) Doctor Whooves Adventures:[Short] Lovestruck
    3.) Fallout Equestria Radio Play - Xenith Meets the Crew (No Embed)

  • Hot Topic Badass Trixie Variant Added

    Trixie may be a joke in the show, but when it comes to fan art and now official comics, she really is the GREATEST AND MOST POWERFUL unicorn in all of Equestria!  When are we going to get a Trixie solo comic? Can we expect this after they finish the mane six? Get on it IDW!

    The Greater and Powerfuller variant can be found over here at Hot Topic.
  • Twilight Sparkle Coronation Announcement on We Love Fine, Plus 8 bit Shirts

    We Love Fine has announced the winner of their Twilight Sparkle Coronation event, via the following:
    You guys did an outstanding job sharing, tweeting, and spreading the word on our Twilight Sparkle Coronation collection. You helped us get more than halfway to 10K, so we're still going to give away a ponyriffic prize: We're going to do half of the collection, winners' choice of your 7 favorite tees in the group! (Excluding the LED designs.)
    And continuing with this, they are running a 20% off flash sale on all of them, ending at 4:00 PM today.  Head on over to this page to check those out!

    And in other news, some 8bit shirts have popped up in their gallery.  Have three of those, with more after the break!

  • Brony Documentary Adds Their Help To Las Pegassist!

    Well lookee what we've got here, friends, it's more news from Unicon. A bunch of sad ponies saddled with bills and no solution to draw on! But maybe they're not aware that there's really no need for such teary despair, that the key to end this con derp fiasco I am here to share~

    See it's an opportunity with this here documentary! And... it's too early in the day for a musical. But good news, everyone! Mike Brockhoff, John de Lancie, and the Brony Documentary team heard about the Las Pegassist movement and have decided to chip in and do their part to help! They're currently selling a limited run of signed Blu-ray copies of the movie (as pictured above, 50 in all) on their website, with all of the proceeds going to help out the fandom members who got hurt in the financial collapse of Unicon. It's a good cause, and a good chance to snag a swanky copy of the documentary if you haven't already (or get a couple of particularly difficult to come by signatures, if you have). Check below this super convenient page break for the details from their official press release:

  • Funko Sneaks Release of The Next Set of Figures on Facebook

    For those of you collecting the vinyl Funco figures (Hopefully most of you, because these things rock), it looks like we can look forward to another duo in June.  Which ponies do you guys want to see? I'm hoping for a bit of Luna/Trixie personally!

  • Las Pegasus Unicon Relief Form and Updates

    Ace Detective Derpy Hooves scours the scene for clues. Help her!
    The Las Pegassist relief effort for the attendees of Las Pegasus Unicon has built up a full head of steam, and is showing no sign of slowing down. It's looking likely that there will be money to repay everybody for their unexpected hotel charges, plus extra donations for the sponsored charities of the convention which were sadly left out in the cold.

    But without a full and accurate list of people who have incurred losses from this event, none of this matters. That's why we're asking again: if you or anybody you know incurred unexpected expenses from Las Pegasus Unicon (whether you were charged for a room that should have been comped, or charged extra after booking at the special convention rate), please fill out this relief form.

    Everybody has done an excellent job making sure there's plenty of auctions and fundraisers to make everybody whole after this unfortunate weekend. Now let's help spread the word and make sure that nobody in need of some pegassistance slips through the cracks.

    For more information and updates on Las Pegasus Unicon and the fallout from the convention collapse, please see our original post here, or refer to this website.

    Update: For information on the rules regarding the closing of the charity auctions, see this post.
  • GalaCon Announces Anneli Heed and AcousticBrony!

    Our friends across the pond at GalaCon have an exciting announcement for you all as they continue to add events and talent to their premier pony event. Today they would like to announce that they have the ever wonderful Anneli Heed, best known for her role as Swedish Spitfire, and the rocking AcousticBrony to add to their growing guest list! If this is any sort of sign, this year's GalaCon is shaping up to be a blast! Check on after the break for the full press release.