• Story: The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle (Update Complete!)

    [Sad][Adventure][Dark]  "This is a story that engages the reader in its unique vision. What sets this story apart from similar works is the evocative use of subtlety and a fearlessness with its world-building, and all of this leading up to interesting original characters and a setting that is at once amazing and believable." -Prereader #13

    Author: Gweat and Powaful Twixie
    Description: But who could realistically steal the diary of a princess?

    Twilight froze as a fleeting thought seeded itself in her mind.

    "Were wars fought over you...?" she whispered darkly.

    When Twilight finds an unusual diary belonging to a pony only known as "Stella", she goes on a fantastic journey to save the souls of those written in its pages from a fate worse than death.

    Cover Art created and altered by wonderfully talented artist dstears.
    The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle (New Part Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: warm diary fantasy dream twilight