• Las Pegasus Unicon Relief Form and Updates

    Ace Detective Derpy Hooves scours the scene for clues. Help her!
    The Las Pegassist relief effort for the attendees of Las Pegasus Unicon has built up a full head of steam, and is showing no sign of slowing down. It's looking likely that there will be money to repay everybody for their unexpected hotel charges, plus extra donations for the sponsored charities of the convention which were sadly left out in the cold.

    But without a full and accurate list of people who have incurred losses from this event, none of this matters. That's why we're asking again: if you or anybody you know incurred unexpected expenses from Las Pegasus Unicon (whether you were charged for a room that should have been comped, or charged extra after booking at the special convention rate), please fill out this relief form.

    Everybody has done an excellent job making sure there's plenty of auctions and fundraisers to make everybody whole after this unfortunate weekend. Now let's help spread the word and make sure that nobody in need of some pegassistance slips through the cracks.

    For more information and updates on Las Pegasus Unicon and the fallout from the convention collapse, please see our original post here, or refer to this website.

    Update: For information on the rules regarding the closing of the charity auctions, see this post.