• Auctions and Information For Unicon Refugees

    Important: Efforts are still being made to coordinate the relief movement for the affected attendees. If you went to Las Pegasus Unicon and were unfairly charged or otherwise harmed by the events of the convention, please head here and fill out this form, so those coordinating efforts to help out can best figure out who and where to send help.

    I'm sure you've been hearing by now that some very unfortunate issues left a lot of people who attended Las Pegasus Unicon in some financial pain. Many of these attendees were ordinary con goers without a lot of ability to deal with the sudden financial hit caused by the fallout from this incident, most especially those with comped rooms or who booked at the convention rate only to suddenly find themselves double charged by the hotel.

    Fortunately, Friendship is Magic writer and all around awesome guy M. A. Larson is currently auctioning off several signed "I believe" buttons, to be handed out to wining bidders along with a page from one of the scripts he's written for the show. The money raised here will go to help supporting the non-musician, non-writer, non-special guest attendees least able to cope with the sudden and unexpected (and unfair) surge of expenses. You can find those auctions here:

    Auction 1
    Auction 2
    Auction 3
    Auction 4

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Update 11:34 AM MST: Meghan McCarthy has announced plans to help raise money with an auction of her own. We'll have more details as they come.

    Update 11:58 AM MST: Pixelkitties has tossed up two auctions to help assist.  Find them here and here.  (Same shirt design, different ebay links)

    Update 6:20 PM MST: An auction site has been set up.  Head on over here for information on it!

    Update 7:53 PM MST: LPU Has released a statement over on their website.

    Update 11:41 PM MST: Series One Collection added from Enterplay for auction.

    Update 2/27 12:42 PM MST: Amy Keating Rogers and Meghan McCarthy have both put up shirts from Unicon for auction, along with a set of story cards used during the creation of several episodes. Find those here here here here here here and here.

    Update 2/27 4:13 PM MST: Official story cards added to auction.  Find them here.

    Update 2/27 4:38 PM MST:  Video FAQ of everything posted.

    Update 2/28 2:22 AM MST: The Brony Documentary has joined on, all information can be found here

    Update 3/1 10:17 AM MST: Charity Auction closing rules can be found here.