• Convention Compilation - February 26th

    Time for a bit of convention news to liven up your Tuesdays.  I'm guessing we will see more of these posts as the community moves in that direction.

    Have some headlines:

    Canterlot Gardens 2013 Kickstarter
    CrystalCon 2013
    Cloudsdale Congress - Double Rainboom
    Cutie Mark Con

    Head on down below for the full press releases!

    Canterlot Gardens 2013 Kickstarter

    Canterlot Gardens is in need of a little help to get going for 2013. We are currently running a Kickstarter to get up and running for 2013. The money will go to venue costs and getting our website and registration up and running for the 2013 season. If the Kickstarter is successful we will be bringing the website back online and registration open. At the same time we will be putting the final booking on our dates and venue location.

    Find the link below and and thank you.

    Canterlot Gardens Kickstarter

    CrysalCon 2013

    Hello everypony! My name is Love Crystals and I hope to meet many of you at Scandineighvia’s first brony convention CrystalCon! Come meet bronies from all the lands I’ve visited, some of the finest fan artists I know and the Spitfirelicious Anneli Heed, and more, in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 28th-30th! With love, Love Crystals!

    And what does CrystalCon have to offer? Besides the beautiful Gothenburg in the middle of summer and what Love Crystals already mentioned, we present to you such marvellous artist as Nife, LaserPon3, Galaxyart, Twitch and many more! There will also be time for cosplaying, swagpurchasing, socialising, singing, drawing, playing and plenty other activities that can be summed up as enjoying the event! All of this in a modern, centrally located venue suitable for around 600 guests. And to round it all off, the final event of the convention will be a grand charity auction from which all proceeds will be donated to Bronies for Good and their supported causes.

    We of the CrystalCon crew hope to see you this summer! Please visit our homepage, follow us, like us and - most importantly of all: help us make this convention a reality and pre-order your ticket by contributing to our fundraiser! Together we can make this a truly memorable event, so come on over to Scandineighvia this summer!

    PR representative for CrystalCon

    Double Rainboom at Cloudsdale Congress

    While Double Rainboom may technically be premiering its first half at Momocon in Atlanta, that’s not the only place it’ll be that weekend. Three hours after its showing in Georgia, part of the team will be at Cloudsdale Congress in D.C. to show the same footage for a more pony-centric audience. So if you were planning a last minute trip to see the first fan-made episode, you now have options! Cloudsdale will have Emily Koch, voice of Rainbow Dash, James Lyons, special effects animator, Rob Nigro, special effects animator, Amy Galletta, storyboard artist, and Nick Iaconis, character animator. Zachary Rich, director, and Cara Murray, assistant director, will be at Momocon. You can register for Cloudsdale Congress here and for Momocon here.

    We’re excited to bring you the most-anticipated fan animation at two cons simultaneously, and we hope that everyone enjoys the results of our hard work.

    Cutie Mark Con

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Fillies and Gentlecolts, Cutie Mark Con is pleased to be bringing Cincinnati, Ohio a unique and wonderful experience. Cutie Mark Con will be May 31 - June 2, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North. There are many guests announced, with more yet to come. visit us at www.cutiemarkcon.com for more information