• Random Merch: Tights, Masks, Japanese Plushies, and More!

    That may look like a drawing, but it is supposedly a new mask available at Party City.  It's a bit on the creepy side though!

    They have a whole boatload of new stuff over in their pony section, go check it out! Thanks to Mirella for the heads up.

    And for everything else, head on down below the break for more random merch!

    Pony Tights

    These were found at H&M by Angela.  Unfortunately they are pretty small!

    Japanese Plushies

    Honestly these kind of look like molds we have already seen. I'm losing track at this point.  Thanks to James and Sabrina for the heads up!

    Applejack Cupcake

    No further information on this one.  I'd guess it was found at a walmart or something.  Thanks to Jonah for the image.

    Rainbow Dash Fanny Pack

    Hello 90's.  This one was located at Spencers for 20 bucks by Brigid. 


    Bubble Magnet Book

    I think this is an exapansion on a previous bubble magnet book that was floatung around a while back, at least it appears to have a bunch of new sticker things.  Thanks to Brigid again, you can find this one at Micheals

    Another Giant Activity Book

    A whopping 200 pages in this one.  I wonder how many total we have hit across all of these?

    Thanks to Izzy for the image, find it at Micheals.

    Derpy Tanktop

    And we finish this one off with a bit of Derp from Hot Topic.  Thanks to Flarabelle for the image.  

    If you find any random merch, send an email to [email protected] with an image, location, and name you want to be credited by! Thanks guys!