• MLP Comic Already Invades iTunes

    It looks like iTunes already has the MLP comic available for all of you that can't wait for this physical copies to come in.  You can head on over to this page to pick up your copy!

    Note: A few reports are coming in that various stores already have them in stock and available as well.  Might want to give them a call! 

     Thanks to Tsitra for the heads up!
  • Ghost Variant Comic Location

    We have a bit of information concerning these two mystery variants that popped up a few days ago. Apparently a store called Star Clipper in St. Louis will have them both in store and on their website. There are rumors that this one will be available elsewhere, but for now, these guys are the only ones that have contacted us with a confirmed location.

    Hope you collectors are able to get it! Lyra, Derpy, and Bonbon on one book is definitely one of the most fan-oriented versions.

    Also found at Casa Blanca Comics

    Update: Have a list of a bunch of stores
  • Reminder: USA Today Article

    We have been getting the USA Today article in the mail all day, and I think that may be because of the video that was included and post title.  So have a reminder!

    USA Today wrote an article the other day, which is now available via physical print, all about the fandom.  It also included a new clip from the upcoming episode, and an image.  Be warned of spoilers!

    You can find it here
  • Comic: Bad Seed / There's Always Time for Jokes / Oranges and Marshmalows / The Great and Powerful Countdown 2

    Comics! Comics everywhere! We have marshmallows, sadness, jokes, and more of that completely ridiculous nonsensical trixie from the other day. Click for full!

  • More Mystery Blindbags on Ebay

    A couple of new translucent blindbag ponies have popped up on Ebay from an unknown set.  Most of these appear to be re-vamps of past solid figures.  Someone going by the name of Violet CLM who dug this up for us has a bit of information on each of them:
    Lemon Hearts (first released in wave 1, and she's a background pony)
    Royal Riff(?) (first released in the sparkly wave as a sparkly dark blue pony, then in the blue/purple wave in grayish colors; also a background pony. never hot pink in any way.)
    Sky Wishes (first released in the first Toys R Us exclusive set, then in the yellow/green wave without changes; colors are similar here but not identical)
    Sunny Rays (first released in the yellow/green wave with pink hair, also as a brushable with purple hair; this appears to be a compromise between the two? has pink hair in the show.) (also looks kinda like G3 Scootaloo)
    Sunny Rays (yellow tail) (dunno what's up with this one)
    Mosely Orange (first released in the sparkly wave, then in the blue/purple wave in his proper show colors as AJ's uncle)
    So there you have it! Judging by the fact that the last 2 sets have popped up in the same way, I think this is a pretty good indication of things to come.

  • Friendship is Magic Comic Reviews Popping Up

    With the Friendship is Magic comic issue #1 release date dropping tomorrow, reviews of the series have been creeping into various websites.  So far everything is largely positive, which was kind of expected based on the pages we have seen so far.  I'll keep this post updated as more come in, but for now, have Kotaku and Bleedingcool.

    Kotaku's Review
    Bleedingcool's Review
  • Stan Lee Retweets a Pony Cameo

    As many of you who have watched the various Spider Man, Iron Man, and X-Men movies in the past decade or so have noticed, Stan Lee (the creator of it all) loves to make a random cameo appearance in each, usually as an innocent bystander who drops a quick one-liner and moves on.

    Based on a few of his retweets coming from a convention with his name on it, it's looking like the comic book legend might be willing to hop on the pony bandwagon for an episode.

     I know a bunch of you are fans of the guy considering our massive geek culture following.   How would you react if a ponified Stan Lee commented on Rainbow Dash's recent hijinks from the sidelines?

    Thanks to Nicolas for the heads up! 

    And his twitter page for those wondering, the retweets can be found about 7 tweets down as of the creation of this post. 
  • Story Updates November 27th

    Story updates! Go read!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #637

    Chili battle edition! Who would make the best chili? Maybe Applejack would come in with some kind of apple flavored flair? Or Pinkie Pie with sugar chili?  Only season 17 when this actually happens will tell!

    Source 1
    Great and powerful....Bleah!
  • Season 3 Episode 9 Synopsis Also Revealed

    Yeah yeah, I missed it.  Don't make me prime the moon canon Applejack.

    Zap2it released the synopsis for season 3 episode 9 at the same time as episode 8.  Head on down past the break for all the fun information on it.

  • Mixed Media: Twi: The Great and Powerful / Zecora Weighs the Same as a Duck / Pain

    We have some stragglers that couldn't find buddies to pair up with in their specific categories, so have a mix! We start this one off with a ponified trailer, run with some Monty Python in the second slot, and a PMV in the third. Find them below!

    1.) Twi: The Great and Powerful
    2.) Zecora Weighs the Same as a Duck
    3.) PMV - Pain

  • Music: Babs Seed (JayB's Bath Seat Remix) / Constellations (eClypse Remix) / Innocence

    We have another Babs Seed to start us off, followed by a remix of Aviators Constellations, and finish with some original Orchestral instrumental music.  Find them all below!

    1.) CMC - Babs Seed (JayB's Bath Seat Remix)
    2.) Aviators - Constellations (eClypse Remix)
    3.) Innocence

  • Wonderbolt Academy Synopsis Revealed

    It looks like Zap2it has been updated with the synopsis for the upcoming Wonderbolt Academy episode. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Nightly Roundup #509

    I bet you were expecting me to crumble and post the usual pony as a header in honor of a certain USA Today article.  Unfortunately for you, Fluttershy is the best pony.

    Have some roundup while you ponder her supremacy.