• Nightly Roundup #509

    I bet you were expecting me to crumble and post the usual pony as a header in honor of a certain USA Today article.  Unfortunately for you, Fluttershy is the best pony.

    Have some roundup while you ponder her supremacy.

    Handsom Jack's Take on the Pony Game

    Kinda like that!

    Andrew W.K.'s Ambassador Trip Called Off

    It looks like the Middle East won't be receiving any party anytime soon.

    More information here

    Nyan Cat Cuter Edition

    Can't really beat these three.


    Lunar Transmissions

    Copy Paste:
    This week Mezgrman (Brony RT creator) and the lovely Anneli Heed voice of Spitfire in the Swedish version

    the 2nd one

    Joi the artist

    Sins of Friendship Update

    Copy Paste:
    MLP Sins of Friendship would not have gotten anywhere if it wasn't for you guys and gals. So i made a video to thank you all :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=571zLXia6OA&list=UU8yOxnzEzgefQx6ZkI6XDAg&index=1&feature=plcp

    I hope to continue the series soon, and that it meets your expectations.
    Pony 411 Episode 15

    Come on and listen to the newest episode of Pony 411 -- you know you want to. In this episode, Four String, Nemesis and Artfan give their thoughts on MLP's newest episode, "One Bad Apple." Was it good? Bad? Did it present a formidable lesson about bullying? Sit back and lettuce go over the most important points.

    We've also got some quick hits for the week's news and a couple of pony tunage to keep your ears happy. In addition, there's congratulations in order for part-time host FusionFox, who got engaged over the weekend! May Tori Spelling officiate your wedding with unimaginable grace. Check out the episode on YouTube, Libsyn or iTunes, like us on Facebook and please pony responsibly.


    Successful Meetups

    French Convention

        A few days ago, on Saturday 10th to be precise, the same day the first episodes of season 3 aired, the very first French MLP:FiM convention took place ! Though it was a small one (50 attendees) and only during one day, there was every ingredients necessary for a convention : a place  (location rooms in Nantes, Western side of France), many activities (karaoke, games, role playing games, a bar, the new episodes live, and of course a party at the end, and many other things including an interview through Skype with the Living Tombstone !), and a name : the "Party Pinkie Pie Style" ("3PS" for short).
        It is quite small compared to the first BUCK for example, but it was a very important milestone for the French community, because no event like that had taken place in France before, and it's a good step before the "real" convention, the BronyDays, that is planned for October 2013. It was organised by the same team that is planning the BronyDays : Matthieu "Nilino" Vilatte, Claire "Eldanai" TrĂ©bosc and Yann "DVK" Pellerin, not mentionning all the people who helped us, or work with us on the website for example.
        Here's a few pictures of the 3PS to show what it looked like.
        You can visit our Facebook page as well : http://www.facebook.com/BronyDays?ref=ts&fref=ts !

    Tassie Meetup

    Around 50 or so members of Tassie Bronies on Facebook (For Bronies in Tasmania, Australia) had a meet-up party in Launceston on Saturday night. We decided to take a group photo to submit to Equestria Daily. We all had lots of fun for hours and stayed up to watch the Livestream of the latest episode which was at 2:30am for us over here. I think this was a great success in my opinion! /)


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Japanese Meetup

    date: December 2nd, 2012 13:00-

    meetup point: under Kusunoki Masashige statue in Kokyo Gaien National Garden Plaza
    (the big horse statue with a samurai riding on it)
    at 13:00.
    look for the big Welovefine pony bag.

    details: (in Japanese)

    If you have questions, send them as replies to the above blog entry.

    My twitter account or t: Stinken1


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