• More Mystery Blindbags on Ebay

    A couple of new translucent blindbag ponies have popped up on Ebay from an unknown set.  Most of these appear to be re-vamps of past solid figures.  Someone going by the name of Violet CLM who dug this up for us has a bit of information on each of them:
    Lemon Hearts (first released in wave 1, and she's a background pony)
    Royal Riff(?) (first released in the sparkly wave as a sparkly dark blue pony, then in the blue/purple wave in grayish colors; also a background pony. never hot pink in any way.)
    Sky Wishes (first released in the first Toys R Us exclusive set, then in the yellow/green wave without changes; colors are similar here but not identical)
    Sunny Rays (first released in the yellow/green wave with pink hair, also as a brushable with purple hair; this appears to be a compromise between the two? has pink hair in the show.) (also looks kinda like G3 Scootaloo)
    Sunny Rays (yellow tail) (dunno what's up with this one)
    Mosely Orange (first released in the sparkly wave, then in the blue/purple wave in his proper show colors as AJ's uncle)
    So there you have it! Judging by the fact that the last 2 sets have popped up in the same way, I think this is a pretty good indication of things to come.