• Story Updates November 27th

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    Story: Flying High, Falling Hard (Update Part 20!)

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Soundslikeponies
    Description: When Rainbow Dash crashes into the library one too many times, Twilight ends up becoming her coach for the upcoming Best Young Flier Competition. But Rainbow Dash wants more, and relationships are never as perfect as they seem.
    Flying High, Falling Hard

    Story: Contraptionology! (Update Part 18!)

    [Comedy] [Adventure] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Jeffrey C. Wells
    Description: Ponyville just ain't what she used to be. From strange kumquat-colored forest fires to the increasingly pathetic assaults of the Nightmare, life sure has changed around these parts, and it's left poor Applejack – once Ponyville's prize pony, now relegated to playing second fiddle to a big-city Canterlot wizard – in the dust. So when a stranger named Stranger arrives in town, teaching a new way of coupling talent to power using complex machinery, she is quickly suckered in, along with everypony else. Now, it falls to the Most Dependable of Ponies to bring the resulting ruckus down to earth, but can even Applejack's legendary pragmatism stand up to the brain-fizzing horror that is… CONTRAPTIONOLOGY?
    Infernal Machines

    Story: Greenfire (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Shay Caron
    Description: On one of her regular hunts for gemstones, Rarity discovers a treasure trove beyond her wildest dreams... and the lavender-scaled dragon who collected it. Despite a rocky first meeting, Rarity and Greenfire soon find themselves drawn to each other more and more. But the question remains: How did a young dragon end up in the Everfree Forest all alone?

    Story: Fallout Equestria: Heroes (Update Chapter 25!)


    Normally these side-stories hang out on their own, but at 177k+ words, this one hired some muscle to hang around outside the EqD office talking about fire insurance until we got the hint.

    There's also fanart after the break!

    Author: No One
    Description:  Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism drags her into a tangled web of plots and conspiracies as warring factions vie for control over the last great city: Dise.
    Fallout Equestria: Heroes

    Story: My Little Alicorn (Update Story 2 Complete!)

    [Normal] [Random] [Dark]

    Author: InsertAuthorHere
    Description: At long last, Luna has found the perfect prank to outdo Celestia: turn her into a filly and stage a fake takeover of Equestria! That is, it would have been perfect were it not for that pesky fine print..
    My Little Alicorn

    Story: A New Breed (Update Story 2 Chapter 13!)


    Author: Polecat
    Description: It's been many years since the Imps first invaded Equestria and the first "Specials" appeared. But with the last of "The Six" now fallen under an Imp assault, can Luna recruit and train a new group of heroes to take their place? This story will take a look at one of Equestria's potential futures, where super-powered ponies battle with dark creatures from the reaches of space itself in an effort to save all of Ponykind.
    A New Breed

    Story: The Age of Wings and Steel (Update Part 13!)


    Description: Three hundred years after the fall of Princess Luna, Equestria finds itself on the brink of disaster. Political squabbles and personal grudges threaten to tear the country apart in a bloody civil war, and on the southern border of the kingdom a greater threat lurks: the griffons seek to reclaim their ancient homeland.

    As Princess Celestia strives to keep her fragile nation from falling apart, she sends a young pony on a quest to the northern lands that border Equestria in order to gain their allegiance against the griffons. This unlikely messenger is Rye Strudel, the ostracized half-breed son of a guard and a baker. Rye must struggle to overcome his heritage and save Equestria... for if he cannot, there may be no home to come back to.
    The Age of Wings and Steel

    Story: A Rose is a Rose (Update Sequel Part 4!)


    Author: Space Brony
    Description: It all begins when Fluttershy discovers a family heirloom is more than a simple antique. With it, she and her friends must restore balance to Equestria... and defeat the powers that threaten it.
    A Rose is a Rose

    Story: Freeze Frame (Update Part 25!)

    [Adventure] [Slice of Life]

    Author: ToixStory
    Description: “If you can make it in Fillydelphia, you can make it anywhere,” or so the saying goes. When a young mare comes to the big city with dreams of being a reporter, she is instead thrust into a world of corruption and squalor where she will need the strength of friends to survive.
    Freeze Frame

    Story: Of Skies Long Forgotten (Update Part 10!)


    Author: The 24th Pegasus
    Description: Everypony knows by heart the tale of Hearth's Warming Eve, where three pony tribes founded Equestria over a thousand years ago after being forced from their homes. What has been forgotten is the harrowing tale of the events the pegasi and their leader, Commander Hurricane, suffered through nearly twenty years prior. The pegasi hailed from far to the east, separated by vast oceans from the other races. But when war with the griffons threatened their existence, there was only one option they had left.
    Of Skies Long Forgotten