• Stan Lee Retweets a Pony Cameo

    As many of you who have watched the various Spider Man, Iron Man, and X-Men movies in the past decade or so have noticed, Stan Lee (the creator of it all) loves to make a random cameo appearance in each, usually as an innocent bystander who drops a quick one-liner and moves on.

    Based on a few of his retweets coming from a convention with his name on it, it's looking like the comic book legend might be willing to hop on the pony bandwagon for an episode.

     I know a bunch of you are fans of the guy considering our massive geek culture following.   How would you react if a ponified Stan Lee commented on Rainbow Dash's recent hijinks from the sidelines?

    Thanks to Nicolas for the heads up! 

    And his twitter page for those wondering, the retweets can be found about 7 tweets down as of the creation of this post.