• November Studly Stallion Stache-off

    Apparently November is a serious thing for muostache growing, and a website going by the name of Movember hosts a yearly event to grow your very own for the cause of men's health.

    As pony lovers who celebrate mustaches openly, we like to jump on these crazy holidays.  and celebrate right along with them!

    Thus begins the Studly Stallion Stache-Off, the newest brony focused event hosted by DustyKatt and FoB Equestria, with big names like Lee Tockar, Trevor Devall, Peter New, and John de Lancie joining in on the cause!

    If you want to grow a mustache and compete,  there are even some huge rewards for you to collect!

    1st place: 1x SDCC Derpy, 1x "Dr Derpy" colored pencil drawing by Baron Engel
    2nd place: 1x Signed Copy of Timeless by Michelle Creber, 1x Pinkie Pie's Mixed Bag of Pony Merchandise (PPMBPM)

    Military Bronies:
    1st place: 1x Love and Tolerate poster signed by Faust, Strong and De Lancie, 1x "Dr Derpy" colored pencil drawing by Baron Engel
    2nd place: 1x Signed Copy of Timeless by Michelle Creber, 1x Exclusive Blind Bag Pony Collection

    Head on over to the homepage for all the specifics on how you can join in!
  • PMV: VFX Are Magic / Good Beye Blue Sky Ponyville / Not Afraid

    VFX, Nightmare Moon's Revenge, and Applejack pretending to be a rapper. Find them all below!

    1.) VFX are magic [PMV]
    2.) Good Beye Blue Sky Ponyville(Nightmare Moon's Revenge) - PMV
    3.) PMV - Not Afraid

  • Plushie Compilation #89

    I am commandeering this plushie compilation from Calpain for Steampunk Trixie.  Can you get anymore awesome? No, you can't.  Let me explain why steampunk Trixie is awesome. 

    First off, Trixie is a natural hat wearer, and not just any hat, she looks even better in a top hat.  She is also a stage magician, which makes her skilled in the art of smoke and mirrors.  As you can see, steampunk loves it's smoke, and shiny objects are just icing on the cake.  

    From a weaponization standpoint, only Pinkie Pie would be more obnoxiously dangerous with wings.  These aren't just any wings though, they are sharp metal wings.  Take her 3rd pony speech and loud boastfulness, then combine it with screeching metal, and even Celestia would be out of there.    

    Hopefully you now have an understanding of why Steampunk, and more speficially, Steampunk Trixie, is awesome.

    Have some plushies.

    Source 1
    SteamPunk Princess Trixie Pony
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask a Regular Pony / Ask Meanie Belle / Ask Snuggle Pie

    Howdy folks! Got a trio of tumblrs for you guys to chew over tonight so I hope you've got some time cleared out to give these a once over. First up is a tumblr starring just an everyday pony, no main six or anyone super important, just a regular pony living out her life! Created as a pony that was meant to be a blank slate and eventually shaped by the community through questions, Ask Regular Pony has certainly come into its own with a character that is both endearing and humorous.

    Check out her evolution in the links below and make sure to check after the break for our other two spotlights!

    Ask Regular Pony - Current Page - First Page

    If you have any tumblrs you'd like to suggest please send me an email at calpain@equestriadaily.com or to my Twitter @CalpaindEqD. Furthermore, I am interested in what sort of tumblrs you guys want! Do you want more cute, something darker, ect? If so, leave a suggestion down below!

  • Spotlight Music Vocal/Remix: General Mumble - The Stare Master / Power Slipping - Featuring Haymaker / Tonight (Collab Ft. Nightmare Snake)

    Music time friendly pony folk! I'm actually listening to some as I put this one together, the stuff is rather hard to resist. Have some jamming tunes you guys!

    1.) General Mumble - The Stare Master
    2.) Power Slipping - Featuring Haymaker
    3.) Tonight (Collab Ft. Nightmare Snake)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #601

    Tall image is tall!  It's too bad that format doesn't work too well on blogs!  This Carrot Top/Derpy journey series is amazing though!

    Have some art.

    And just a reminder for all you drawing collectors out there: The actual Deviant Art pages for some of these artists host massive resolution images.  Click the source and click the download link on their page for it!

    Source 1
    Derpy's and Carrot Top's journey - Part 5
  • Comic: Twilight's First Day

    We didn't get many comics today,  so I'm not going to bother letting this first one sit in queue.  It's great!  Now go click it!

    And as a bonus, have some shorty crossover too!

  • Both Jetpack Comics Fluttershy Varient and Collab with Larrys Comics now Available for Pre-order

    Jetpack Comics has their variant cover up on the website now.  It's rolling at a whopping $20 bucks though!  Ouch!

    They also list the 125 limit Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash collab with Larry's Comics, but that one clocks in at $60!  Superhero Rainbow Dash is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather save for some more Hot Topic vinyl figures and buy one of the 4 dollar comic covers over that!

    Apparently Larry's Comics sold out of their set of the collab already! That might be the cause for the price hike. 

    And now Larrys Comics is up for pre-order! Find it here
  • French Toys Update

    A quick update on the French toys - Apparently the Quick website has them listed now! Head on over to their toy section and click the present under the male section for the images!

    Thanks to seatsea for the heads up!
  • Story Updates October 20th (Afternoon)

    Serious Dash is too good not to use for this serious story update post.

  • Opening/Animation: Trotting Dead

    I gave Walking Dead a shot, but couldn't get into it. Fortunately it has been ponified, so suddenly I have an urge to give it a second chance.

    Head on past the break to check it out!

  • Story: Of Steam Gears and Wings (Update Chapter 2 Part 9!)

    [Adventure] [Friend-Shipping] [Dieselpunk (Sci-Fi)]

    Author: RavensDagger
    Description: Ten decades after a massive war, Equestria has changed. The Empire now rules over all, giving peace and prosperity to those that deserve it, but some are against this new rulership...

    The CMC, a small, raggedy group of smugglers working for the Apple family, are caught red-hoofed by an Imperial patrol. As the friends fight for their lives, they learn about themselves, each other, and the world they now reside in.

    Meanwhile, in Canterlot, Emperor Blueblood has amassed a massive fleet and is preparing to smash what is left of the rebellion under the oppressive hoof of his Empire
    Of Steam Gears and Wings (Update Part 2 Chapter 9!)

    Additional Tags: Losing Friends in a Dieselpunk world
  • French Rainbow Dash Toy

    The Rainbow Dash toy found at that fast food restaurant in France has been spotted.  As with the otherponies, she has incredibly long legs.  Either that or I'm wrong about the leg thing.  Do those legs look long?

    Anyway apparently they changed her name up for the sake of these toys.  Rainbow Dash is now named "Quick". 

    Update: The restaurant name is Quick.  My bad!

    Thanks to Ægwinn for the heads up!

  • Gameloft Pony Game - From Sketch to 3D

    The My Little Pony Facebook page has released a small bit of news showing off the process of creating the 3D models used for the upcoming Gameloft 3D pony game.   It seems to be what most of us expect to see in something like this, but it's still pretty cool!

    And the quote:
    "As we get ready for the launch of the My Little Pony game, our friends over at Gameloft wanted to share some exclusive "behind the scenes" sketches of the fun with you, our fantastic Facebook friends! Take a look at Twilight Sparkle’s house – would you want to live here?"
    Well? Would you want to live with Twilight in her library?!

    I'm still wondering what this game's actual difficulty and complexity level will be.  Are we looking at a kids game, or have they followed the show and created something for everyone?  Only time will tell!

    Hopefully we see a Bethesda RPG in around 10 years from now when we take over the world.  Yep... that would be neat...

    Thanks to Dakota for the submit.
  • The Escape of Nightmare Moon: Reimagined

    The first two episodes are actually pretty cool and were what got me into pony back in the day so seeing this reimagined intro for Nightmare Moon's escape made me just light up! It's pretty amazing what you all can make when you're determined! More animations have been made this year than I can count and the number is only sure to rise.

    Check out the animation after the break!

  • Story: The Saga of Dark Demon King Ravenblood Nightblade, Interior Design Alicorn

    Why is this monstrosity on my EQD?
    [Comedy][Random] "Woah, woah, woah. I know what you're thinking, but this is legitimately hilarious. Give it a look; it is worth your while." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bad Horse
    Description: Should the incredibly powerful and sexy new alicorn Dark Demon King Ravenblood Nightblade pursue his destiny as savior of Equestria, or interior design?  NOW WITH TWICE THE ADJECTIVES, AND AN ALL-NEW CHAPTER!
    The Saga of Dark Demon King Ravenblood Nightblade, Interior Design Alicorn

    Additional Tags: madness, Gandalf, madness, madness, Sparta!
  • Comic: Pinkycorn / Chasing Leaves / Eclipsed / Cake Walk

    Comics Comics Comics.  I wonder how many pages we would be at if we compiled all the fan comics in the fandom?  I bet it would be a pretty scary sized book. 

    Click for full!

  • Spotlight Music: Down to Earth / Portal to Equestria: Bonus Stage / Radiarc - Starlight

    We have a new vocal track, followed by something that reminds me of casino zone for whatever reason, and a bit of orchestral to finish it off! Find them all below!

    1.) [Ballad] Cyril the Wolf - Down to Earth (Vocal)
    2.) Portal to Equestria: Bonus Stage (Instrumental - Stage Style Jazz Theme)
    3.) Radiarc - Starlight (Instrumental - Orchestral)

  • Larrys Comics Variant Limited to 125 Prints

    It looks like some of these variants might be super rare!  The Larry's/Jetpack Comic collab we posted yesterday will only be printing 125 total.   I don't know about you guys, but next to snowboarding Dash, that was probably one of my favorites.

    And in other news, Bobby Curnow from the IDW forums announced that this specific set will be available at either store. 

    Hopefully all you die hard collectors out there will have some luck acquiring one.   The FiM comic is looking to be one of the biggest releases in a while, so I'm sure the actual value will skyrocket on some of these. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!
  • Nightly Roundup #473

    Hug edition because I really have a lot to thank you guys for tonight. I never would have imagined the response I got today for a simple science pony's birthday and it completely floored me. Your well wishes, emails, and gifts helped make this the best birthday ever and reminded me why I still do all of this: you guys, the pony community. As long as you guys keep being awesome, I'm certainly here to stay, heh.

    But enough sappiness, eh? Time for some news!

    Thanks again guys...