• Gameloft Pony Game - From Sketch to 3D

    The My Little Pony Facebook page has released a small bit of news showing off the process of creating the 3D models used for the upcoming Gameloft 3D pony game.   It seems to be what most of us expect to see in something like this, but it's still pretty cool!

    And the quote:
    "As we get ready for the launch of the My Little Pony game, our friends over at Gameloft wanted to share some exclusive "behind the scenes" sketches of the fun with you, our fantastic Facebook friends! Take a look at Twilight Sparkle’s house – would you want to live here?"
    Well? Would you want to live with Twilight in her library?!

    I'm still wondering what this game's actual difficulty and complexity level will be.  Are we looking at a kids game, or have they followed the show and created something for everyone?  Only time will tell!

    Hopefully we see a Bethesda RPG in around 10 years from now when we take over the world.  Yep... that would be neat...

    Thanks to Dakota for the submit.