• Plushie Compilation #89

    I am commandeering this plushie compilation from Calpain for Steampunk Trixie.  Can you get anymore awesome? No, you can't.  Let me explain why steampunk Trixie is awesome. 

    First off, Trixie is a natural hat wearer, and not just any hat, she looks even better in a top hat.  She is also a stage magician, which makes her skilled in the art of smoke and mirrors.  As you can see, steampunk loves it's smoke, and shiny objects are just icing on the cake.  

    From a weaponization standpoint, only Pinkie Pie would be more obnoxiously dangerous with wings.  These aren't just any wings though, they are sharp metal wings.  Take her 3rd pony speech and loud boastfulness, then combine it with screeching metal, and even Celestia would be out of there.    

    Hopefully you now have an understanding of why Steampunk, and more speficially, Steampunk Trixie, is awesome.

    Have some plushies.

    Source 1
    SteamPunk Princess Trixie Pony

    Source 2
    Sultry Roseluck

    Source 3
    Trixie, Great and Powerful

    Source 4
    MLP Plushie Vinyl scratch Djpon3 plush

    Source 5
    Filly Octavia

    Source 6
    Pinkie Pie Loves to Party...and Snuggle.

    Source 7
    Nightmare Moon plush pony

    Source 8
    Group Shot

    Source 9
    Celestia, by fireflytwinkletoes

    Source 10
    Let's PARTY!

    Source 11
    Princess Luna Plushie - V3

    Source 12
    BonBon Pony Plush

    Source 13
    Discord, by MagnaStorm

    Source 14
    Vinyl Scratch (DJ PON-3) Plushie

    Source 15
    A Profound Conversation

    Source 16
    Fluttershy plush

    Source 17

    Source 18
    Rarity: I'm Fabulous

    Source 19
    Holiday Pinkie Pie

    Source 20
    Oh that pretty Luna Plush

    Source 21
    Princess Cadance Filly

    Source 22

    Source 23
    Gala Fluttershy Plushie

    Source 24
    Pocket Ponies - The Tiny but Powerful Trixie

    Source 25
    [My Little Pony: FiM] GIANT Pinkie Pie plushie

    Source 26
    Doctor Hooves for Shellbullet

    Source 27
    Fluffy derpy computer assistant edition!