• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask a Regular Pony / Ask Meanie Belle / Ask Snuggle Pie

    Howdy folks! Got a trio of tumblrs for you guys to chew over tonight so I hope you've got some time cleared out to give these a once over. First up is a tumblr starring just an everyday pony, no main six or anyone super important, just a regular pony living out her life! Created as a pony that was meant to be a blank slate and eventually shaped by the community through questions, Ask Regular Pony has certainly come into its own with a character that is both endearing and humorous.

    Check out her evolution in the links below and make sure to check after the break for our other two spotlights!

    Ask Regular Pony - Current Page - First Page

    If you have any tumblrs you'd like to suggest please send me an email at [email protected] or to my Twitter @CalpaindEqD. Furthermore, I am interested in what sort of tumblrs you guys want! Do you want more cute, something darker, ect? If so, leave a suggestion down below!

    Our next tumblr is an oldie but a goodie! Spawned as a reaction to the fandom's poor treatment of Sweetie Belle over a year ago, the tumblr stars a rebellious Sweetie Belle trying to act mean despite her being so adorably cute. If you're looking for more Sweetie Belle (who wouldn't!?) then check out this amusing tumblr!

    Ask Meanie Belle - Current Page - First Page

    Finally tonight we end with a tumblr filled with cute! Starring a Pinkie Pie who just loves to hug, snuggle, and sleep it's a great way to help you feel good after a bad day. Feeling blue? Pinkie is here to give you a much needed hug!

    Ask Snuggle Pie - Current Page - First Page