• Equestria Inquirer #56

    Another week, and more inquirer! Head on down past the break for it, and hit newspaper style copy here!
    "In this week's Equestria Inquirer, Twilight visits       , Lyra visits Ivan, Fluttershy visits an amusement park, fire visits a blimp and Twilight also visits Hogwarts. Oh the ponymanity!"

  • Music of the Day #7

    Listen, music is no laughing matter. There are notes and beats and rhythms, and if you're not careful one or all of them could come screaming right out of the dark at you and snap your neck clean off. Arpeggios have long been likened to voracious predators. This is why. That cuddly little scale you brought home from the pet shop is going to grow up someday, and what will the neighbors think when you've let that Diminuendo sneak away onto the streets again? Somepony could get hurt!

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you need me. Give me your wild, untamed musics and I shall make order out of chaos. Just... remember to fill out the proper paperwork, first. You don't want Mrs. Rivers going public with your little secret, do you? I thought not.

  • Comic: Cold Sleep / Bookmark / That's What She Said

    We have a new spoilery comic from Madmax, followed by Twilight's Halloween costume (or Twilight being crazy, i like the latter), and Pinkie being oblivious.  Click for full!

  • Comic: Wishing Well of HORROR! / Little Library of HORROR!

    I could roll with that.  We have two new ones fresh from the Deviant Art page of Madmax.Expect references and ridiculousness galore!

  • Brony Thank-You Ad Schedule Announced

    Hey, everypony! Do you all remember the Brony Thank You Project? I sure hope so. In case you don't, here's a quick refresher: Some pioneering fans took it upon themselves to raise money for an actual commercial to air on the Hub as a way of saying thank you for all the wonderful people that make this show- and, by extension, this community- possible. Full release after the break.
  • Spotlight Music Remix: Smile Yourself to Sleep / My Wonder / Pinkie Pie Goes Metal - Smile Smile Smile

    We have both a lullaby style Smile Smile Smile, and a metal version to balance it out, followed by some really neat jazzy flute opening theme/So Many Wonders. It's remix time!

    1.) Smile Yourself to Sleep - Remix of Smile from MLP:FiM
    2.) My Wonder
    3.) Pinkie Pie Goes Metal - Smile Smile Smile

  • Trading Card Tin from Enterplay, Cards Re-Stocked Everywhere

    Enterplay has released this new tin for the Friendship is Magic trading cards, complete with a promo Twilight Sparkle and a few other goodies.    These Gala ponies are just so happy!

    And in other news, the cards themselves should be rolling back out at all the retailers that ran dry in the last few months.  Set two has quite a few fixes to various little issues in the first, so you might want to keep your first edition cards safe! Chances are they will be worth something if this fandom keeps expanding at the rate that it is.

    And finally, the Fluttershy Cards are making their way to people's mailboxes.  Quite a few have already received them.  Enterplay did run into an issue with people not sending self addressed stamped envelopes though! If you derped the rules, they are sending emails out to let you know, so hopefully you included a real one!

  • Story: Things Rainbow Dash Doesn't Like


    Author: Present Perfect
    Description: Rainbow Dash doesn't like ponies touching her hooves.

    What other things does she not like? Read to find out!
    Things Rainbow Dash Doesn't Like

    Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash approves this message
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Just One Mare (Raindrops)

    We don't get a whole lot of Raindrops music, or Raindrops anything for that matter.  Luckily we have ask tumblrs for that!  Have a new rock track dedicated to her, after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #599

    Halloween is best holiday.  And I forgot the blurb up here.

    Source 1

    Halloween.Over the Hills and Far Away
  • The Guardian's Comic Con Brony Report

    The Guardian did a quick 5 minute report on bronies at the New York Comic Con. Overall it's reasonably positive! Head on over to their video section to check it out!
  • Story Updates October 18th (Afternoon)

    9 Story updates this time around! Charge? Charge.

  • Anime Style Opening - When the Ponies Cry

    You have probably seen snippets of this for months now. I think flowy mane twilight is almost a year old at that! What would Friendship is Magic look like if it was a anime straight out of Japan? I think this might be a pretty good example of it. Head on down past the break to check it out!
  • Pony Figures Popping up at French Fast Food Restaurant

    We haven't heard a whole lot out of France in terms of pony stuff outside of their awesome voiceover work. It sounds like a restaurant called "Quick Fastfood" has started carrying Friendship is Magic toys though! It looks like they are similar to the McDonalds toys that have released a few times around the world, though the molds seem o have much longer legs. 

    Head on down past the break for more images and a side comparison. 

    And if you read French, join their discussion here!

  • Ponyvania - Castlevania with Ponies!

    Now that the ZOMGSEASON3 has died down a bit, time to get going on our usual stuff!  This post is far from usual though, in fact, it's filled with piles of uncontrollable awesome!

    A group going by the name of ZiggyLung is working on a full Castlevania style pony game.  Included in the 2d sidescrolling package are all three pony races and enough ways to destroy, stab, maim, and otherwise obliterate things than our little ponies have ever had access to. 

    Right now its still in development, but it looks like the most of the major requirements have already been handled.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Season 3 Air Date, yay!


    Does anyone want some exciting news this morning? I know I was excited when this link hit the inbox this morning. It seems Entertainment Weekly reports that the new season of FiM airs on November 10, 2012 at 10:00am!

    You know what this calls for?
    A party!

    They also have some images that I haven't seen before. Click the link above to see them! Warning: they're definitely classified as spoilers.

    See you guys in 23 days.

    (ps: this is confirmed by The Hub!)

  • Nightly Roundup #471

    I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner and that October is nearly done! At least Braeburn has his costume picked out for Nightmare Night and thankfully being a scientist is a costume in itself. Maybe I should poof out my hair and go for the mad scientist look.

    News time guys! Check it out after the break.