• Brony Thank-You Ad Schedule Announced

    Hey, everypony! Do you all remember the Brony Thank You Project? I sure hope so. In case you don't, here's a quick refresher: Some pioneering fans took it upon themselves to raise money for an actual commercial to air on the Hub as a way of saying thank you for all the wonderful people that make this show- and, by extension, this community- possible. Full release after the break.

    Hey folks,

    We won't have exact dates and times until the weekend after Halloween, but The HUB has given us a preliminary schedule that we can release. Note that one slot is "locked in", we will run one add in the last episode of Pound Puppies before season premiere.

    Monday, Nov 5 – Saturday Nov 10 *Programs are subject to change* 2 spots

    Monday – Thursday 7-8pm & 1-2am (Batman: The Animated Series) 2 spots

    Monday – Monday –Thursday 8-9pm & 2-3am (Lois & Clark/Facts of Life/ALF) 1 spot

    Friday 9-11pm (Hub Family Movie) 1 spot Mon-Friday 8-9am- (Transformers) 2 spots

    Mon-Friday 6-7pm (Goosebumps/ R.L Stein Haunting Hour) 1 spot

    Mon- Thursday 12a-1am (Transformers or G.I JOE) 1 spot

    Saturday 9a-10a (Pound Puppies) Total: 10x :30