• Nightly Roundup #471

    I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner and that October is nearly done! At least Braeburn has his costume picked out for Nightmare Night and thankfully being a scientist is a costume in itself. Maybe I should poof out my hair and go for the mad scientist look.

    News time guys! Check it out after the break.

    Best Sitcom Ever!

    Watch out prime time, a new hot show is ready to take the world by storm!

    More Pony in the News

    We can't really escape pony popping up in the news each week it seems. Looks like it is the new popular thing to report on! This time around we have an article from the Cal-St. Bakersfield school newspaper about 'open' and 'closet' Bronies and a pretty positive video from the UK's The Guardian based on Bronies at NY Comic Con. Check them out below!

    Cal-St. Bakesrfield Article
    The Guardian Video

    Friendship is Magic Indeed

    Just a cute little story for you guys tonight. A week ago, a Brony named Xandra was injured in a car accident at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and had to be taken to the hospital. In typically fashion for Bronies, members of the University of Missouri Brony Club put together a get well card for her!

    Thankfully Xandra is now out of the hospital and will make a full recovery!

    Mike Dodd of This Week in Geek Gets Tattoo After Charity

    Got another pony tattoo for you guys tonight, but this one comes with a twist. Mike Dodd who works on This Week in Geek, the show that hosts the segment Last Exit to Ponyville, recently got a tattoo to settle a challenge he set out to new Brony listeners.

    The challenge was to raise $500 in six hours for Dodd's Extra Life charity event. If this goal was met Dodd would repay those who took his challenge by getting a tattoo! Since Bronies are no stranger to charity they were easily able to pony up the dough and now Derpy has a loving spot on Mr. Dodd.

    He is also hosting another charity event soon which you can find the details to in the copy paste below:

    "So I was wondering if I can ask the community to help go even further in the name of Toronto sick kids by donating to my stream which is http://www.birdmangivesback.com
    and I will be giving out prizes for donations and randomly as well from companies like Project Triforce and Bioware and Roxio

    Link is http://www.birdmangivesback.com and will be LIVE for almost 72 hours until Saturday October 20th at 6pm EST (my 31st birthday)"


    Guest Time Interviews BlackGryph0n

    Copy Paste:

    During the ABH BlackGryph0n meetup that evening, Norman, the only Malaysian brony in the meetup, gave a special interview to BlackGryph0n. All of the interview recorded is in the video. Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZI-jDK0eqQ

    Host - Norman Sanzo
    Guest - BlackGryph0n
    Guest Time

    On this special episode of Guest Time:

    Our host Norman Sanzo travel all the way to Singapore to hang out with the Singapore Bronies and to interview BlackGryph0n.

    This would be the first live interview for BlackGryph0n and on top of that this will also be the first live show for Norman Sanzo.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    University of Arizona Brony Club

    Copy Paste:

    The University of Arizona My Little Pony Club is getting ready to kick things into high gear, so anypony who hasn't already should head over to our facebook page to join! http://www.facebook.com/groups/UAPonies/


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