• Trading Card Tin from Enterplay, Cards Re-Stocked Everywhere

    Enterplay has released this new tin for the Friendship is Magic trading cards, complete with a promo Twilight Sparkle and a few other goodies.    These Gala ponies are just so happy!

    And in other news, the cards themselves should be rolling back out at all the retailers that ran dry in the last few months.  Set two has quite a few fixes to various little issues in the first, so you might want to keep your first edition cards safe! Chances are they will be worth something if this fandom keeps expanding at the rate that it is.

    And finally, the Fluttershy Cards are making their way to people's mailboxes.  Quite a few have already received them.  Enterplay did run into an issue with people not sending self addressed stamped envelopes though! If you derped the rules, they are sending emails out to let you know, so hopefully you included a real one!

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