• Text Book Store Contest - Win a Foxy Pinkie Pie?

    Apparently this is a contest that ended on the 15th at bookstore Alibris was giving away a free... foxy my little pony.   I am not sure if I should be scared or amazed, but I do admit, Pinkie Pie can look pretty good when she tries! For a pony.

    Hopefully we can all find our own foxy little ponies in contests elsewhere! 

    Thanks to Matt for the image.
  • Fighting is Magic Tournament Information

    The people over at mane6 have released information on their upcoming tournament at Canterlot Gardens.  If you want to enter, be sure to read up on the rules and FAQ over at their main page.  It looks like there might be some pretty good money in it for the winners out there.  Sounds like it's time to practice!
  • This Week In Geek Looking For Call-Ins For New Pony Segment

    Hey, guys! Wanna hear more of my voice? I sure don't, but if you do, a radio show called This Week In Geek is debuting a new segment called Last Exit To Ponyville, which is slated to be a more general, high-level community news update spot. I just got finished recording the first segment not a few minutes ago with the host, and I think you guys are gonna like it.

    You can also participate! The show is looking for 30-45 second call-ins from fans to be included in the show, with the following topic:

    What makes you a brony?


    What makes you a fan of the show in general?

    You can call in at (817) 717-7202. They're taking calls until tomorrow, so get them in if you want to potentially be on the show!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #65


    I was talking to my Rarity plush this morning, and she said I might need therapy. In response, I have curtailed the amount of Rarity in this wallpaper header. I think I'm making progress.

  • Everfree Northwest 2013 Pre-Reistration Begins

    They pulled it off once, and now it's time for round two! Assuming  that whole Mayan prophecy end of the world thing doesn't get in the way, the second installment of Everfree Northwest is planned for July of next year! Preregistration opens on the 19th at 7:00 PM. Head on down past the break for all the juicy details.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Spirit and Ask MageDash

    It's not often that we go about featuring content starring an OC, but when the story features a cute, likeable pony with an interesting background it would be wrong not to! Spirit was once a Wonderbolt, but due to an accident she has lost a wing and her ability to fly. Undaunted by her handicap, she is determined to fly once again, living up to her name in the process. Short, cute, and silly, it's certainly worth a look!

    Ask Spirit - Current Page - First Page

    Check out our other feature after the break!

  • EQD Has a Minecraft Server Now!

    Yep! One of our friends on Steam (who runs the Lunar Republic TF2 EQD server) has graciously set us up a Minecraft server, complete with locations from the show! I recorded a quick video showing off the server's basic features, which you can find after the break.

    The server is here: mc.simplybrony.org:12787

    A note about my video: I have the pony mod installed, which is the only way that you're going to see ponies in the game. Google for the mod, or you'll get only humans. And that's no fun.

    Check the break for the video!

  • Rainbow Dash Plugs at Hot Topic

    I have to admit, things are getting pretty crazy in the pony accessory department! Not only can you deck yourself out in pony tattoos, but your ears can be modified as well!  Hot topic has added Rainbow Dash plugs to their listing of pony merch.    I can't tell what size they are, so hopefully you guys aren't afraid of stretching your ears too far!

    Check them out here!

    Thanks to Ginger Snap for the heads up!
  • Music: Diamond's in the making // Smile Song // FlutterNO //

    And if you should call,
    It’s no trouble, no trouble at all.
    I’ll take out the sun,
    back where we begun again.

    Here at EQD, we're all about variety! That's why, for a limited time, this post contains one of every genre we field! One vocal, one instrumental, and one remix track. Have at them.

    1) -Soul tension, MC Flowny, and Koroshi YA - Diamond's in the making
    2) Smile Song (Acoustic Jazz Cover)
    3) Gums of Gabby - FlutterNO

  • Comic: Celestia's Secret / Her Royal Mane / I Don't Need It / One Does Not Simply Beat Celestia

    Manes are played with and revealed, Twilight Sparkle is crossed over with Spongebob, and Celestia is kind of defeated.  Click for full!

  • Story: Nopony Needs to Know

    [Normal] [Sad] [Slice of Life] "An engaging look at how our past affects our present and how there's often more to a friend's problems than meets the eye." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    short skirts and explosions
    Description: "Oh come on, Applejack! Just one trip around the clouds! One!"

    It's an invitation that Applejack has heard countless times. However, no matter how often Rainbow Dash bugs her to experience an air ride, the farm filly flat out refuses.

    Then one afternoon, on a day when Applejack is strangely quiet and distant, she suddenly agrees to Rainbow Dash's persistent request. The pegasus happily oblidges, not knowing what has truly motivated Applejack to give in, nor the fact that--more than anything--Applejack could really use a good friend right about now.

    Nopony Needs to Know

    Additional Tags: friends, flying, emotional release, cliffsides
  • Instrumental Music: Lucid Wonder / The Night Will Last Forever / Come to Equestria / Into the Forest

    Luna is gasping for whatever reason.

    Have some instrumental music to calm down to.

    1.) Lucid Wonder (Chillstep)
    2.) [Baroque] The Night Will Last Forever (Organ)
    3.) Come to Equestria (Chill/Electronic)
    4.) DongleKumquat - Into the Forest (Ambient)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #567

    We haven't had a Roseluck header in forever, so have some of that!  I hear she is best pony in some circles.

    And thanks to Pixelkitties for the awesome Borderlands banner! 

    Source 1
    Das Parfum
  • Gravity Falls Intro Ponified

    You may have heard of Gravity falls at some point in your internet history.  It's yet another piece of proof that the 21st century is awesome for cartoons.  One thing that the show does really well is the ridiculously catchy intro, and now it is ponified.  This isn't just a PMV ponification though! Check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates September 16th (Morning)

    So many updates! Charge!

  • Nightly Roundup #440

    Guard ponies: Distracted by butterflies.

    We have a massive roundup for you all tonight.  Everything from Sega games, to pony web browsers can be found after the break!