• Tara Strong's Other DragonCon Panel

    We posted Tara's first DragonCon panel a few days ago, and someone recently uploaded those video of her second one! She joins a few other big names in cartoon media and tosses her usual flair into the mix. Check it out below!

  • Instrumental Music: Sisterhooves / Darkness in a Perfect World / A New Moon

    I guess samples kind of constitute some words, but I'm not picky.  Have some instrumental tracks!

    1.) Sim Gretina - Sisterhooves (Samples/Dance)
    2.) Nicolas Dominique - Darkness in a Perfect World (Orchestral/Electronic)
    3.) A New Moon (Luna's Theme)

  • Discussions and Speculation: Crystal Ponies!

    Source and not an actual crystal pony
    We have very little information on what the Crystal Ponies we keep hearing about actually are.  Wild speculation has been floating around the EQD comments section since the Comic Con videos were released.  Time for a post dedicated to some good old fashioned brain storming!

    Head on down past the break for a bit more information, including some spoileryness.

  • Funrise Toys Offices - When You See It.... Edition

    Funrise threw this up on their Facebook page a bit ago with the blurb:
    Inside Funrise: Here's a sneak peak inside our "My Little Pony" Product Manager's office - as you can see they are busy working on our new releases!
    It looks like the Fluttershy plushies are coming along nicely, as well as the much larger other ponies.

    There is one small little thing in this image you might not notice at first glance though. Spoilers on that after the break!

    Thanks to Night-Feather for the heads up!

  • Vocal Music: Let This Be The End / Keep Faith / Fluttershy ft. Lolikko

    This one starts off with an Applejack electronic/rap vocal song, followed by some METALCORE for those into METALCORE, and we finish with a parody of Butterfly dedicated to Fluttershy. Find them all below!

    1.) F3nning - Let This Be The End
    2.) Metal Core Pony -- Keep Faith
    3.) Fluttershy ft. Lolikko (A parody of Butterfly by SMiLE.dk) (Fixed)

  • Blast from the Past #13 - Fanfic Edition

    Greetings time travelers! It's been quite awhile since our last edition of Blast from the Past so hopefully we can fix that and start having this as a regular feature again. Unfortunately life worries had kept me from being motivated to work on Blast posts, but things are more stable now so here's hoping!

    Today we're going back to look at some dusty tomes, so pull out your reading glasses and get a cup of your favorite hot drink. Time to relax and read some tales from long ago!

    As always, I can't do this feature without the help of you wonderful readers! If you have an older story, video, comic, ect to share please contact me at calpain@equestriadaily.com or at my Twitter at @CalpainEqD.

    Check out the stories after the break!

  • Comic: Waiting Games / Dash's Insanity / Mountain Monologue Part 3

    You can really feel the excitement in the air for news on season 3 as we get closer and closer to Autumn. It's ok Rainbow Dash, if we can hold out so can you!

    Comics guys. Click for full!

  • Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD Pre-orders hit #3 on Amazon

    Proving once again that yes, ponies are exactly the same as James Cameron's mega blockbuster Titanic, the pre-order for the Shout Factory release of the Season One box set catapulted itself into the top slots of Amazon's best selling DVDs over the weekend, reaching the number three position according to this AL news article.

    As of Saturday, ponies were more popular than The Hunger Games. Even today, ponies remain ahead of such products as season 2 of The Walking Dead, which has been hailed as a national sensation. Putting this into perspective, more people pre-ordered Season One of Friendship is Magic this weekend than straight up bought copies of one of the most popular movies and another of the most popular mainstream shows of the past year.

    This is among the most direct lines of comparison the fandom has had to the purchasing habits of the general population, and it shows that words like "niche" no longer describe My Little Pony. This enormous surge in popularity and notoriety can be almost directly traced to the purchasing power of the brony community, and it can only signal good things as we look to the future of targeted merchandise and events. No word yet on any icebergs.
  • Story Updates September 10th (Afternoon)

    Updates? Updates.  We got a bunch.  Go read them!
  • Rhythm is Magic - Remix Apple Apple Apple

    Samurai Applejack? Parappa the Rapper starring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash?  Hell yeah! I think we have a new standard for Rhythm is Magic videos with this one.  Check it out after the break!

  • Weekly Media Roundup 9/2 - 9/10

    We had some pretty awesome stuff this week in media. You guys are helping us survive this awful pony draught!

    Head on down past the break for Saberspark's Weekly Media Roundup!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #561

    We have a shorter one today, filled with awesome stuff though!  Head on down to check it all out!

    Source 1
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Crystal Empire DVD Information Released!

    The Crystal Empire DVD has had a wealth of information added via press release from Shout Factory.   It looks like outside of the two parter, we will be seeing primarily season 2 episodes packed in with it:
    • The Crystal Empire, Part 1
    • The Crystal Empire, Part 2
    • Sonic Rainboom
    • Luna Eclipsed
    • It's About Time
    We also have a completely new synopsis!  You saw it on the map, but what exactly is the crystal empire? Head on down past the break to check it out.  It's kinda spoilery!

    And of course, it's still available on Amazon for 10 bucks with a December 4th release date!
  • Doctor Whooves and Assistant Collab with Doctor Whooves Adventure

    We have some radio plays for all you people that are sick of podcasts! Doctor Whooves and Assistant has teamed up with Doctor Whooves Adventures for a fun little crossover event.   That's a lot of Doctors right there!

    Find both below!

  • Music: Lullaby / My Little Pony Theme (Ambient Version) / Pinkie's Jam

    We have a mix of music this time around! First off yet another Aviators soft vocal track, followed by some ambient opening theme, and finishing with an instrumental Pinkie Pie song. Check them out below!

    1.) Aviators - Lullaby
    2.) Resonantwaves- My Little Pony Theme (Ambient Version) 300 Subscriber Special
    3.) Pinkie's Jam - Sub.Sound

  • Nightly Roundup #434

    I'm in a Daring Do mood tonight.  So have some of that as a header image!

    Head on down past the break for your normal cake/tattoo/random media filled roundup!

  • Rainbow Dash Plays N64

    You all look bored, so have some more Zelda stuff. This time, Daring Do invades the Spirit Temple.

    After the break.