• Blast from the Past #13 - Fanfic Edition

    Greetings time travelers! It's been quite awhile since our last edition of Blast from the Past so hopefully we can fix that and start having this as a regular feature again. Unfortunately life worries had kept me from being motivated to work on Blast posts, but things are more stable now so here's hoping!

    Today we're going back to look at some dusty tomes, so pull out your reading glasses and get a cup of your favorite hot drink. Time to relax and read some tales from long ago!

    As always, I can't do this feature without the help of you wonderful readers! If you have an older story, video, comic, ect to share please contact me at [email protected] or at my Twitter at @CalpainEqD.

    Check out the stories after the break!

    Fair Feather Friend by Bobcat

    As we start off this new edition, we would like to present to you this tale. First published back in March 2011, Fair Feather Friend is a humorous and quirky trip into Ponyville that not only manages to be entertaining, but manages portray our pony friends perfectly as well. Plus there's a character called Baron Awesome, how can you beat that?

    Description: Rainbow Dash is acting suspiciously.  Why is she sneaking around Applejack's farm?

    Fair Feather Friend Story Page

    The Purloined Pony by Chris

    While today we have a few choose your own adventure game style stories out there, The Purloined Pony is arguably one of the first ones to get the formula right when it was published in May 2011! An excellent example of writing in the 2nd person, the story stars Carrot Top as she tries to save the day after a foal in town goes missing. Check it out!

    Description: When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day. Based on the 1980's/90's Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

    The Purloined Pony Story Page

    A Nightmare to Remember by Cereal Velocity

    For those of you newer in the fandom or to EqD, Cereal Velocity wrote a number of fanfics in the distant past when EqD was a much smaller place than it is now. Originally published in March 2011, A Nightmare to Remember was Cereal's best work and showcases a time when he was not only the first prereader but a fanfic writer himself.

    Description: Ancient magicians filled scrolls with their powerful, untested magic. Most of these lay forgotten, lost to the ages. Some, unfortunately for those brave enough to search, are found.

    FiMFiction Page

    Memories of Days Long Past by Nukeiffum

    Today's final entry is an epic length adventure coming to us from March 2011. Memories of Days Long Past was not only one of the earliest examples of a pony adventure fanfic, but also one of the first good ones. Spanning over twenty chapters, this story will certainly keep you busy as you dive into the past with Twilight and the gang as they relive the past lives of their ancestors.

    Description: Twilight Sparkle discovers a spell that allows her and her friends to relive the lives of their ancestors. What starts off as an educational experience, however, quickly turns into a terrible tale that imparts to them many truths of the time before Celestia's reign, as well as what it exactly means to bear the Elements of Harmony.

    Memories of Days Long Past Story Page