• Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD Pre-orders hit #3 on Amazon

    Proving once again that yes, ponies are exactly the same as James Cameron's mega blockbuster Titanic, the pre-order for the Shout Factory release of the Season One box set catapulted itself into the top slots of Amazon's best selling DVDs over the weekend, reaching the number three position according to this AL news article.

    As of Saturday, ponies were more popular than The Hunger Games. Even today, ponies remain ahead of such products as season 2 of The Walking Dead, which has been hailed as a national sensation. Putting this into perspective, more people pre-ordered Season One of Friendship is Magic this weekend than straight up bought copies of one of the most popular movies and another of the most popular mainstream shows of the past year.

    This is among the most direct lines of comparison the fandom has had to the purchasing habits of the general population, and it shows that words like "niche" no longer describe My Little Pony. This enormous surge in popularity and notoriety can be almost directly traced to the purchasing power of the brony community, and it can only signal good things as we look to the future of targeted merchandise and events. No word yet on any icebergs.