• Discussions and Speculation: Crystal Ponies!

    Source and not an actual crystal pony
    We have very little information on what the Crystal Ponies we keep hearing about actually are.  Wild speculation has been floating around the EQD comments section since the Comic Con videos were released.  Time for a post dedicated to some good old fashioned brain storming!

    Head on down past the break for a bit more information, including some spoileryness.

    So far we have a pretty good idea about their culture based on the Crystal Fair Song

    Possible image of Crystal Ponies? 
    They also most likely follow the same normal shape of the Equestrian ponies.  Their armor fits Rainbow Dash pretty well, and the image above was straight from their history book.  

    What do you think will be the story behind the crystal ponies?   The synopsis from earlier makes it sound like they just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, which is a bit crazy considering Cadance is their leader.  This is FiM though, things tend to be pretty wild when they are given the chance to be.

    So go drop your wild speculations in the comments!

    Clearly Cadance is a time traveler who accidentally got her giant city sized time traveling device/civilization stuck in Equestria.  You see, she used to visit modern day Equestria and babysit for Twilight Sparkle, because physics warping pink pony princesses go through a phase in their teenage years where they just want to be "normal". 

    While jumping a few hundred years into the future,  Derpy (who hitched a ride back during that whole babysitting thing) accidentally threw the day/month/year lever into overdrive, plunging them all billions of years into the future at a time where Celestia's Sun was going supernova. 

    Thinking quickly, Cadance flung the Crystal Pony Empire into the frozen north of modern day Equestria to cool off.  This sudden jolt made their energy source, the Crystal Heart, explode. Celestia tasks Twilight Sparkle to go gather the pieces, fight hallows, unlock her hidden unicorn potential, battle a rival demon king who also wants the crystal heart, and become Hokage of the Ponyville.

    Yep. Totally legit.  DHX needs to hire me.