• Rainbowlicious

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    My goodness guys... I just... I can't... Just watch!

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  • Story: Silverware

    [Comedy][Shipping][Slice of Life] An amusing story about a common earth pony stallion and what happens when he mixes with 'high society'. -Pre-reader Grump

    Author: Butterscotch Cream
    Description: Everyone has things they aren't particularly good at, and we all work to make the best of our weaknesses. Sometimes, though, our weaknesses can prove to be tools of our undoing. A earth pony tackles the problem of silverware.

    Additional Tags: humor silverware guard coltcuddlers tragic
  • Albums: Artificial Perfection / Lesser Knowns Volume 2 / Fresh from the Orchard / More Nightmares and Nights / The Undeserved / Rarity Kills Sweetie Belle / Radiation / Born to Trot / Matthew Mosier

    We have another set of albums for you all to peruse this time around! Head on down past the break to check them out!

    We will be modifying these posts some over time. It seems like every musician on the planet has decided to start releasing albums, so tweaks will be made as suggestions are added.

    Anyway, head on down past the break and click the album images for the actual pages to buy/download them! 

  • Huffington Post Interview In a Few Minutes!

    Can't top this image 

    Cheerilee is back with her reminder to tune into The Huffington Post Live website and watch Zephyr Sparkle from Bronycon talk with a few others about the pony craze. Now go! It starts at 9:30 EST or 6:30 PST 

     Find the recording here!
  • Convention Compilation - (Late Edition) August 21st

    These cons are crazy! Seriously, you guys need to give them a shot.  Small isn't a bad thing.

    This post is a bit on the late side due to EFNW taking up our time. We will be returning to the regular Friday schedule for these posts again next week! 

    Have some headlines:
    • Ponycon AU
    • Brony Fan Faire PMV Contest 
    • [Ru]BronyCon Overall
    • Kansas Silly Filly Con Announced
    • Brony-Con Midwest 2013
    • Bronycon Sponsored Meetup in Boston

    • Story: Flight of the Navigator

      [Adventure][Sci-Fi] A blend of different genres, one that left us wondering and guessing what the next paragraph would bring! -Pre-Reader 13

      Author: Blueshift
      Description: Sweetie Belle has found a new friend. A star pony who claims to have fallen from a comet and who needs help with a very secret mission. Normally Sweetie Belle would tell an adult, but you're allowed to trust star ponies, aren't you?

      The star pony isn't the only thing that fell from the sky. Somewhere in Equestria is a box. A very special, very dangerous box. A box which could end the world if it ends up in the wrong hooves.

      A box which Scootaloo has just found...
      Flight of the Navigator

      Additional Tags: Inescapable Destiny, Mystery, Wishes, Scootageddon
    • Drawfriend Stuff #540

      Drawfriend Stuff: Potential repeat edition! I tend to do these from memory, and not working on it for a few days kinda kills that.  Enjoy some of them for the second time I guess?

      Anyway, charge!

      Source 1
      the sisters

    • Know Your Mare: The Great and Powerful Trixie!

      Another episode of Know Your Mare has been released, this time focusing on the Greatest and Most Powerful in all of Equestria! You may have heard of her, she tends to pop up on this website a lot for whatever reason.

      Check it out above, or watch it here!
    • Comic: How does that even / Cleaning Up The Act / Birth of a Plushie

      We have silly, overdone with a twist, and cute this time around! What balance!

      Click them for full.

    • Andy Price Releases Cover A and B Combined

      Andy Price, the guy working on the My Little Pony Official Comic has dropped the full A and B (Twilight Sparkle and Applejack) art piece on his Deviant Art page.  You have probably already seen these separated, and i bet a few of you photoshop gurus even combined them, but enjoy it anyway!

      I'm totally cool with this art style btw.  Can't wait to see these release!

    • Huffington Post Interview Tonight!

      The Huffingon Post is absorbing a few people for a live brony-centered interview tonight at 9:30 PM EST / 6:30 PM PST.  Included in the guests will be a toy trend professional, a historian who focuses on gender differences, and BronyCon's head honcho Zephy Sparkle.

      This will be livestreamed, so everyone is invited to invade it.  I'll remind you all 25 minutes before the fact, but get some time cleared now if you want to watch it as it happens!

      Oh, and press release after the break from Bronycon!
    • Instrumental Music: Starswirl / Past Sins: The Soundtrack (Chapter 6-1) / Heart of Nature / a

      You want instrumentals? Have some instrumentals.  We have something from all the major genres this time.  Check them out below!

      1.) Starswirl (DnB)
      2.) Past Sins: The Soundtrack (Chapter 6-1) (Soundtrack)
      3.) Heart of Nature (Acoustic/Soft/Flute)
      4.) Luna's Watch - Epic Calm Orchestra (Orchestral)

    • Animation: Pony Heaven: Rainbow Dash Interview / Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon #1

      We have another Rhythm Heaven thingy, this time starring both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, followed by a bit of Hotdiggedydemon, or his panel video from way back during Trotcon. Check them out after the break!

    • Brony Gang War: One Year Later

      (I accidentally posted this one back in time yesterday, so have it now instead for those that don't go to page two like ever!)

      A year ago, a video going by the name of Brony Gang War was released, essentially creating a mock real life territory battle between various factions of pony lovers.  They have since released a second episode. 

      For those that didn't watch the original, it is pretty violent, so the squeamish should probably avoid it.  Nothing worst than what you can find by flipping channels and ending up on an episode of Breaking Bad though!

    • Welcome to Ponyville Act 1 Announcement Trailer

      The pony visual novel style game, Welcome to Ponyville, has released a trailer showing off some of the voicework going into the game.  The cast is pretty damn huge at that!  It also has some information on releases.  Head on down pastt he break to check it out!

    • Story Updates August 21st (Morning)

      Story updates invading every corner of the fandom!

    • Nightly Roundup #414

      Aw, don't be bashful Derpy. You really do look cute in that bow!

      Time for the news folks, hot off the presses! Check after the break.

    • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 20

      Sometimes you want to believe you can make it through anything. But then life comes along and seriously fries your bacon. When you're constantly under a salt and things just keep on staying dicey, you have to throw your hooves up in the air and realize that you're totally forked. Oop, that was a little inappropriate, huh? My misteak. But when you're standing among good company in 394 culinary ponies, maybe it's all for the best. And, I'm happy to report that tonight's delicious gallery brings our grand total up to 12535 images! And without any added MSG!

      To submit for Day 20, simply follow the link and fill out the form. I've heard talk that Equestrian Innovations has plans on a self-submitting submitter, but until it stops violently exploding you'll have to be the one to do all the dirty work. So sorry! As always, address all questions, concerns, curiosities, and cuboids to phoe@equestriadaily.com!

      The theme for tonight is gone all topsy turvy. Up is left, black is snow, and all the ponies seem to have shifted roles for the night. Draw a pony with their species switched/Draw a transforming pony. Travelers, be ye fairly warned: Here be Alicorn Derpies.

      Onward, lovely readers, to The Dinner Table! You guys took to this one with gusto, showing no fear to spice things up a little. I'm sorry, that pun was really half baked. But even though I'm scraping the bottom of the mixing bowl, you guys are cooking with gas! Tonight's gallery features 5-star wit and a side of mashed potatoes dedication that's sure to get your mouth watering. I really can't believe how far you've come, as we officially hit 2/3 complete on our little event. You've done so well, and even now, amid all the grind and difficulty of the marathon, you continue to set records by turning in entries in numbers that top last year's peak. You deserve a treat. Hey, wanna lick the leftover batter off of these egg beaters?