• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 20

    Sometimes you want to believe you can make it through anything. But then life comes along and seriously fries your bacon. When you're constantly under a salt and things just keep on staying dicey, you have to throw your hooves up in the air and realize that you're totally forked. Oop, that was a little inappropriate, huh? My misteak. But when you're standing among good company in 394 culinary ponies, maybe it's all for the best. And, I'm happy to report that tonight's delicious gallery brings our grand total up to 12535 images! And without any added MSG!

    To submit for Day 20, simply follow the link and fill out the form. I've heard talk that Equestrian Innovations has plans on a self-submitting submitter, but until it stops violently exploding you'll have to be the one to do all the dirty work. So sorry! As always, address all questions, concerns, curiosities, and cuboids to phoe@equestriadaily.com!

    The theme for tonight is gone all topsy turvy. Up is left, black is snow, and all the ponies seem to have shifted roles for the night. Draw a pony with their species switched/Draw a transforming pony. Travelers, be ye fairly warned: Here be Alicorn Derpies.

    Onward, lovely readers, to The Dinner Table! You guys took to this one with gusto, showing no fear to spice things up a little. I'm sorry, that pun was really half baked. But even though I'm scraping the bottom of the mixing bowl, you guys are cooking with gas! Tonight's gallery features 5-star wit and a side of mashed potatoes dedication that's sure to get your mouth watering. I really can't believe how far you've come, as we officially hit 2/3 complete on our little event. You've done so well, and even now, amid all the grind and difficulty of the marathon, you continue to set records by turning in entries in numbers that top last year's peak. You deserve a treat. Hey, wanna lick the leftover batter off of these egg beaters?