• Huffington Post Interview Tonight!

    The Huffingon Post is absorbing a few people for a live brony-centered interview tonight at 9:30 PM EST / 6:30 PM PST.  Included in the guests will be a toy trend professional, a historian who focuses on gender differences, and BronyCon's head honcho Zephy Sparkle.

    This will be livestreamed, so everyone is invited to invade it.  I'll remind you all 25 minutes before the fact, but get some time cleared now if you want to watch it as it happens!

    Oh, and press release after the break from Bronycon!

    The Huffington Post, one of the largest online news sites, content aggregators, and blogs nationwide has recently gotten in contact with BronyCon, and you all are going to like what they have in store. Tonight on HuffPost Live, they will be running a segement called "My Little Bronies" at 6:30 PM PST (9:30 PM EST). The segment will focus primarily on "how everyone should be able to enoy all things and there is no one toy / experience for boys / girls / specific age groups". They have qute a few guests coming on to talk, including:
    A Toy Trend Professional
    A Historian, who will discuss the paralells and differences between genderization of the past and present
    BronyCon's own Convention Chair, Zephyr Sparkle!
    For those who don't know, HuffPost Live is an interactive medium, where comments and questions are read by the HuffPost Live team, and asked, on air to the guests and reporters working on the segment. And we've recieved a very special request from them. They want as many bronies as possible flooding that comments box! That's right, they want you. Yes you, right there. In the Rainbow Dash T-Shirt.

    Remember, this is at 6:30 PM PST (9:30 PM EST) at http://live.huffingtonpost.com/, so be sure to mark the time down, and be sure to be there. This is your chance to interact with the media, and put your own voice forward as a representative of this community.

    And remember, if you can't make it tonight, there's nothing you need to worry about. The recording of this segment will be kept on their site, so you can watch it at your leisure; and you can even tweet your questions @nancyredd!

    We can't wait to see you all there!

    Head of Public Relations
    BronyCon 2013