• Albums: Artificial Perfection / Lesser Knowns Volume 2 / Fresh from the Orchard / More Nightmares and Nights / The Undeserved / Rarity Kills Sweetie Belle / Radiation / Born to Trot / Matthew Mosier

    We have another set of albums for you all to peruse this time around! Head on down past the break to check them out!

    We will be modifying these posts some over time. It seems like every musician on the planet has decided to start releasing albums, so tweaks will be made as suggestions are added.

    Anyway, head on down past the break and click the album images for the actual pages to buy/download them! 

    Artificial Perfection

    By: No Fallen Mare

    Artificial Perfection is a collaborative album by No Fallen Mare that contains the title song, the instrumental version, and seven remixes by such talented musicians as Colortwelve, Cherax Destructor, and VINXIS. It was made over the course of two weeks, and is free with option to donate. All donations we receive will be donated to the American Cancer Society

    Lesser Knowns Volume 2

    By: Multiple Musicians

    No description given on this one. It's the second in the Lesser Knowns series for those following the newer musicians!

    And part one for those that didn't hit that up:

    Fresh from the Orchard

    By: Pony Toast

    This album has been a long time coming, due to a long hiatus. And it comes with a great disclaimer, so please be prepared.

    The idea behind this album is to make music based off of old songs that mean something to me. I originally had a collaborator, and our plan was to make 'ponified' country and folk songs. The collaborator and I split, and I was left with these songs I did.

    This music has minimal digital retouching. The equipment behind this was literally nothing but a guitar, a microphone, and a basic audio program; this is on purpose. This is the kind of music I was raised on. It is raw, it is relatively unmastered, and I wanted it to sound that way.

    More Nightmares and Nights

    By: Cyrricky

    More Nightmares And Nights is the sister album to The Inside Part, containing three remixes of Nightmare Night by three different people, as well as containing a remix of Pink and three original songs by Cyrricky!

    The Undeserved

    By: Colortwelve

    A compilation of earlier tracks by Colortwelve, scattered across way
    too many genres of electronic music, some of which have actually been
    done for way too long, and all of which are dedicated to those in the
    FiM community that seem to think that I'm relatively good at this.

    Rarity Kills Sweetie Belle

    By: Glitchhog

    It's the three part saga of Glitchhog's story of Rarity, the entire story can be found on the bandcamp page. I'm not really sure on what else to say, sorry.


    By: Vladnuke

    This album is a compilation of most of the songs I've made by myself, covering many different genres of electronic music. All of the songs here were made with love, affection, and most importantly, the brony community in mind. That being said, here's 9 awesome songs (and one secret bonus track).

    Born to Trot

    By: Jeff Burgess

    Born to Trot is the first collection of songs about or relating to My Little Pony by Jeff Burgess. It features a wide variety of music, from classic rock to song parodies, such as the hit "Set Fire to the Con." The proceeds from every purchase go to the funding of Jeff's strange obsession with tubs of jelly.


    Matthew Mosier

    By: Guess

    "So here it is! My first album!  This 15 song album is a collection of all my songs released so far.  Many of them remastered so they don't sound so awful XD!  Anyways, included with the album are 6 (count em, 6) brand new unreleased songs that you can't get anywhere else!  It has been a great run with all you guys and I love every last one of you!  Thank you!"