• Story: Flight of the Navigator

    [Adventure][Sci-Fi] A blend of different genres, one that left us wondering and guessing what the next paragraph would bring! -Pre-Reader 13

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Sweetie Belle has found a new friend. A star pony who claims to have fallen from a comet and who needs help with a very secret mission. Normally Sweetie Belle would tell an adult, but you're allowed to trust star ponies, aren't you?

    The star pony isn't the only thing that fell from the sky. Somewhere in Equestria is a box. A very special, very dangerous box. A box which could end the world if it ends up in the wrong hooves.

    A box which Scootaloo has just found...
    Flight of the Navigator

    Additional Tags: Inescapable Destiny, Mystery, Wishes, Scootageddon