• Nightly Roundup #383

    To sleep on a cloud must be divine. Certainly better than the rock of a pillow I sleep on at any rate.

    Short one tonight! So let's give this one a quick read and head to bed like Cloudchaser here.

  • PMV: Pinkie's Brew Russian Gypsy Jazz / The Ballad of Stephanie / Imaginary

    Unrelated but Fluttershy

    Time for some PMVS! We start with a kinetic Typography of the Russian Gypsy Jazz song, followed by some normal ones. 

    1.) Pinkie's Brew Russian Gypsy Jazz (kinect typography)
    2.) PMV - The Ballad of Stephanie (An Unparalleled Equestrian Experience)
    3.) PMV Imaginary

  • Story: I Forgot I Was There (Update Part 14!)

    [Sad] [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: GaPJaxie
    Description: When Twilight receives one of the original journals of Starswirl the Bearded from Princess Luna, she can’t wait to try the spells inside it – but the books magic turns out to be a bit more then Twilight can handle, as her reckless experimentation leads to her accidentally bringing her reflection to life. At first, Twilight decides she quite likes the idea of having a copy around the library. But seeing herself from an outside perspective makes Twilight realize there are some parts of her personality she doesn’t care for, forcing her to confront her issues.
    I Forgot I Was There (New Part 14!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight deals with her issues.
  • Summer Funimation Screenwriting Competition Winners

    That crazy Summer Funimation project over on Ponychan is still chuggin along!  The top screenwriters and storyboarders have finally been released after weeks of digging through the piles of entries they recieved.  After the break, you will find them all, along with more information on what is coming next!
  • PMV: Fire Hive

    Chrysalis is seriously the coolest villian ever when looked at head on.  Check out that sinister visage! Amazing.

    This is an awesome PMV based around the finale.  For some reason dubstep just works really well with these! I guess that makes sense though, I keep seeing the genre pop up in video game trailers lately.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Crystal Empire Set Slowly Sneaking Into Target

    Last night we dropped a spoiler post about the upcoming Crystal Empire, based on the toy found above that was starting to show up on shelves.  It sounds like the entire crystal pony set is already being released at some Target stores. 

    This group does include the blind bag collector series, so Gilda, Granny Smith, and molded Cadance will all be available with the wave for those that aren't interested in brushables.  

    Someone named Leah took their UPC's down for those of you that want to raid target and have them check their computers.   After the break, you will find each toy with it's matching number.   Not all Target stores have these right now, so your best bet is probably to call in advance. 

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Raindrops Answers

    Today's update

    You bet your cutie mark I did, Raindrops.

    Ever seen a Raindrops pony running around with a baguette? That joke came from this blog, which has been very long in the running. The artist hails from the other side of the world and recently met up with us at Bronycon! Combining the flat colors of the show and some really cute art into the traditional ask-a-pony format, this is a tumblr you should add to your rotation list.

    He just recently hit 5000 followers- let's pad that number!

    Raindrops Answers

  • Discussion: You Are Now Twilight Sparkle's Research Assistant!

    Spike grew wings and flew away! At first Twilight Sparkle thought it would be the perfect excuse to do ridiculous amounts of un-interrupted reading, but over time she realized she needed the background noise to keep focused.  After a quick trip over to Canterlot and a discussion with the Celestia, she now has a new exotic pet companion, you!

    Outside of the mundane tasks of cleaning up her messes and sending letters via your brand new fire breath ability,  she is giving you the opportunity to help research any pony related topic of your choosing.  With what is essentially a blank check, you have complete royal permission to travel, investigate, and study a single topic of your choosing in Equestria. 

    Maybe the everyday lives of phoenixes are your thing? Or perhaps some deeper understanding of Pinkie Pie's immunity to sugar related illness would be a noble persuit for all of pony kind?  It is entirely up to you!

    In the comments below, decide on a topic. 

    Hard Mode: Report on your findings!
  • Story: Chaos and Laughter

    [Random] [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Charcoal Quill
    Description: The unthinkable has happened. A new Draconequus has emerged, apparently intent on plunging Equestria into chaos once more. To make matters worse, Pinkie Pie is nowhere to be found, forcing Twilight and the others to scramble to find a way to defeat this new threat without the Elements of Harmony.

    After strange dreams, Pinkie Pie awakes and finds herself in the body of a Draconequus. Between strange new powers that she can't control, and, for some reason, an inability to communicate with other ponies, Pinkie finds herself alienated from her friends... but finds help from an unexpected source.

    Chaos and Laughter

    Additional Tags: troublemaking stones, irritated gryphon, misunderstandings
  • Vocal Music: Somewhere I Belong / Der Nachtmahr (feat. DJ Shamrock) / Steven, A.D. - Appleloosa

    This is the best pinkie ever, and I dont even know why.

    Have some vocal stuff!

    1.) Somewhere I Belong
    2.) MLP - Der Nachtmahr (feat. DJ Shamrock)
    3.) Steven, A.D. - Appleloosa

  • Comic: Me, Myself, and I / Same Thing... / The Ultimate Pony Chessmaster

    You want comics? Have some comics.  We have Rarity being ridiculous, some Monty Python, and Twilight Sparkle outclassing everyone at something they are bad at.  Click for full!

  • Instrumental Music: Trixie's Trix / Equestrian Innovations / Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds / Monarch

    Instrumental welcomes ALL ponies.  We have three completely different types of electronic music, followed by some orchestral in the last slot.  Check them out below!

    Cereal's Note: someone actually made a song for Equestrian Innovations, as you can see. If you're allergic to my voice like I am, you may want to avoid it. It's actually kinda cool though.

    1.) Sim Gretina - Trixie's Trix (Electro House / I'm not biased stop sending angry emails)
    2.) Gremlin - Equestrian Innovations [REMASTERED] (Acid/DnB)
    3.) Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds: Lavender Harmony (Drumstep)
    4.) Wintergreen - Monarch (Orchestral/War March)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #509

    Where Luna actually hangs out during major disasters edition!  Celestia might control the sun, but Luna controls the GALAXY.  Your puny lives are but a speck in the grand scheme of things. 

    Source 1
    Luna's Planetarium

    Remember to hit up those sources and like/comment on them!  They are there for a reason! 
  • Music: The Argument // Antipodes: The Attenuator // Big-Ass Hat (Rarity's Song) //

    Ha! Ha! Time for the musics! Raindrops because Raindrops is best pony. This morning we have for you two instrumental tracks and one vocal track. Spoilers: the third one is the best.

    1) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - The Argument
    2) Antipodes: The Attenuator
    3) Big-Ass Hat (Rarity's Song)

  • Story: Looking Glass, P.I: Coins and Crowns


    Author: Kavonde
    Description: Fillydelphia private eye Looking Glass is hired by a beautiful new client to find her missing fiancé, Silver Coin. However, the simple missing pony case gets complicated quickly, and the hard-luck gumhoof soon finds himself embroiled in a plot that could have consequences for all of Equestria.

    Looking Glass, P.I: Coins and Crowns

    Additional Tags: Mystery, noir, hard-boiled gumhoofs.
  • Nightly Roundup #382

    One of you asked for Daring Do in the comments of last night's roundup, so here you go!

    News time everyone! Check it out after the break.