• Discussion: You Are Now Twilight Sparkle's Research Assistant!

    Spike grew wings and flew away! At first Twilight Sparkle thought it would be the perfect excuse to do ridiculous amounts of un-interrupted reading, but over time she realized she needed the background noise to keep focused.  After a quick trip over to Canterlot and a discussion with the Celestia, she now has a new exotic pet companion, you!

    Outside of the mundane tasks of cleaning up her messes and sending letters via your brand new fire breath ability,  she is giving you the opportunity to help research any pony related topic of your choosing.  With what is essentially a blank check, you have complete royal permission to travel, investigate, and study a single topic of your choosing in Equestria. 

    Maybe the everyday lives of phoenixes are your thing? Or perhaps some deeper understanding of Pinkie Pie's immunity to sugar related illness would be a noble persuit for all of pony kind?  It is entirely up to you!

    In the comments below, decide on a topic. 

    Hard Mode: Report on your findings!