• Summer Funimation Screenwriting Competition Winners

    That crazy Summer Funimation project over on Ponychan is still chuggin along!  The top screenwriters and storyboarders have finally been released after weeks of digging through the piles of entries they recieved.  After the break, you will find them all, along with more information on what is coming next!

    Greetings from the Bit Bucket Brigade!

    After hours of debating we have come to you with the winners of both the screenwriting and storyboard competitions. These winners weren’t chosen lightly, we were amazed at the quality of our entries. Unfortunately we could only choose one winner for the screenwriting competition, but we made sure to give the runner ups a nod; there’s also a few honorable mentions as well.

    The storyboard competition lent more leeway so we decided to crown not just the previously announced two but an additional four more. We are happy to announce a total of six new members of the Bit Bucket Brigade who will be contributing in several fields that involve their artistic creativity.

    The Screenwriting Competition

    Our winner of the Summer Funimation Project 2012 Screenwriting Competition:

    "Alaka-Sham!" written by Ethan Krueger.

    Here are our other finalists for the Screenwriting Competition:
    • "Born to Scoot" - Tony Saylor
    • "Eye Problems" - Dylan Gardner
    • "Twilight Time" - Danny Nye
    • "Rare Rarity" - Nom De Pony
    • "Sunny Skies All Day Long" - Johnathan Kesner

    The Storyboard Competition:

    Our SIX WINNERS for the Screenwriting Competition are...
    • YazzoB
    • Jennifer Delk
    • Corey Grayson
    • Michael Kalter
    • Christina Mijares
    • Pony Rake
    Honorable Mentions
    • AFanCorp
    • gediman

    We thank all of those who participated and lend them our sincerest regards in their future endeavors.

    Stay tuned as we will be announcing production updates, calls for additional talent, and other information!

    Important Note: If you were a contestant and are interested in the Bit Bucket Brigade hosting your screenplay (even if it didn't place) for everyone to read, please let us know. Contestants that didn't win the screenwriting competition and all storyboard competition participants are also reminded that your submissions are still yours to do with what you like! So share them! (That means everyone except Ethan, sorry.)

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