• Crystal Empire Set Slowly Sneaking Into Target

    Last night we dropped a spoiler post about the upcoming Crystal Empire, based on the toy found above that was starting to show up on shelves.  It sounds like the entire crystal pony set is already being released at some Target stores. 

    This group does include the blind bag collector series, so Gilda, Granny Smith, and molded Cadance will all be available with the wave for those that aren't interested in brushables.  

    Someone named Leah took their UPC's down for those of you that want to raid target and have them check their computers.   After the break, you will find each toy with it's matching number.   Not all Target stores have these right now, so your best bet is probably to call in advance. 

    mini RD plush - 021664825075
    mini Twilight plush - 021664825082
    mini Pinkie Plush - 021664825068

    Cloudsdale pocket pony set - 653569745785

    Pony Wedding pocket pony set - 653569745679

    Apple Fmily pocket pony set - 653569745822

    Rainbow Glitter pocket pony set - 653569767503

    Sweetsong + Fluttershy combo - 653569767596