• 3D Edible Applejack

    I wonder if Applejack tastes like Apples? I guess this one wouldn't.  BAwesome_BAcon is at it again with another food crafted pony, this time breaking out of his 2d domain into the 3d world.  Head on past the break to watch it being made!

  • Comic: Replaced / Model Making Mishaps / Rarity, I Need Something New

    Poor Spike, always getting the short end of the stick it seems. Don't worry, even if Twilight replaces you we still love you little guy!

    Comics coming at you guys! Click for full.

  • Discussion: You are now in the Wonderbolts!

    Congratulations young filly, you've been accepted into the elite organization known as the Wonderbolts! You've inherited many responsibilities including keeping Equestria safe at any costs. You're a role model for ponies everywhere and beloved by many.

    But wait, what now? What will be your signature move? I mean, you have to show your friends back in Ponyville that you're tough stuff. What would you and the rest of the 'Bolts do to prepare, and how well will you get along? And most importantly, how will you break it to Rainbow Dash that you got picked over her?

    (current on-topic banner by the lovely SophieCabra)
  • Instrumental Music: Sapphire Shores / Octavia's Lullaby / Glixed - Typical Screwball's Day

    Twilightxbooks is best combo. 

    It's instrumental time! Genres can be found below, aside from the last one that made it's own genre.

    1.) Sim Gretina - Sapphire Shores (Funk)
    2.) Octavia's Lullaby (Orchestral Piano)
    3.) Glixed - Typical Screwball's Day (Screwball!)

  • Ponies Around the World Submission Post - Day 2

    As was promised yesterday, here is the second half of Ponies Around the World!  This one is actually  a bit beefier than the first, mainly because a lot of these submit from vacations as opposed to nearby locations.  

    We will probably be running this again in the future, maybe some time after the holiday season, so if you do plan on an epic vacation to some obscure location or major landmark, be sure to bring a pony and take some pictures!

    Anyway, have the remaining half below! 

    (Note: Same deal as yesterday, some links will lead to a broken page.  It's blogger's way of fixing empty urls!)

  • Comic: Royal Emergency Plan / A Wizard is Never Late / Derped Push-ups

    Poor Twilight, whenever a big baddie shows up she and her friends have to save the day! Maybe she needs to sit the princesses down and give them a proper talking to.

    Another day, another comic post. Click for full!

  • Vocal Music: What I've Learned / Manehattan Nights / Apple Bloom

    Zecora is best elemental shaman
    We start off with a Tombstone/Ibeabronyrapper collab, followed by a bit of New York style jazzyness, and some Acoustic Apple Bloom stuff to finish it off! Find them all below!

    1.) What I've Learned (Living Tombstone Remix)- Ibeabronyrapper, Nameless Warning
    2.) Manehattan Nights - Jeff Burgess
    3.) Psychoacoustic and Wu Long Cha - Apple Bloom

  • Shout Factory Personalized Pony Photo and Tiaras Update

    Aww, Cadence and Shining Armor do care!   For those of you that didn't make it to Comic Con, Shout Factory was giving out paper tiaras for anyone that asked.  They have since been popping up all over Ebay.  If you need one for your pony collection, they have started giving them out with purchases of the DVD over on their website

    And if you want a greeting card from the two ponies above, head on over to this page or text ROYAL to 95323 and toss your name into the pile.  Or your E-name, I like my E-name.
  • Music Remix: Super Ponybeat — This Day Aria / My Little Pony (Italian Intro) -daks Remix- / This Day Aria (Fungi Forest Boss Remix)

    We start off with a new Super Ponybeat Aria song,followed by an electronic version of the Italian intro and finish with another one of those crazy video game x pony crossovers. Check them all out below!

    1.) Super Ponybeat — This Day Aria (Hyper Techno Mix ft. Odyssey)
    2.) My Little Pony (Italian Intro) -daks Remix-
    3.)This Day Aria (Fungi Forest Boss Remix)

  • Plushie Compilation #72

    Private Pansy is all geared up and ready to go on another adventure. Well, as long as that adventure has something to do with baby bunnies or butterflies.

    Plushie time has come again! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Private Pansy reporting for duty

  • Welovefine - Music Shirts, Ear+Mane Hoodies, and Friday Deadline / Meghan McCarthy Judging for Rainbow Dash!

     It looks like Welovefine is in a musical mood! A whole bunch of new pony shirts dedicated to the DJ's and ravers alike have popped up in their my little pony section. They have also introduced more hoodies, this time with manes and ears accenting the top.  You may have run into those if you were at Comic Con last week.   I remember when someone was custom making these on Facebook for a hundred bucks a pop! Glad they are available to the masses now. 

    And just a reminder for all the artists out there, the My Favorite Pony contest is ending in just two days! The Friday deadline is set in stone, so make sure you get your designs in before it's over!

    (Update): Meghan McCarthy will be judging for Rainbow Dash as announced on the welovefine facebook

    Check out more designs after the break.

  • Story: Whisper Sun, Silent Moon

    [Normal] [Adventure] [Slice of Life]

    Author: RedSquirrel456
    Description: A snapshot of the millennial lives of a young Celestia and Luna, as they prepare to do battle with Discord and fight to keep the Harmony they have only so recently mastered, and learn lessons they will struggle with all their days. In a journey that has no end, what matters most is who walks beside you.

    Whisper Sun, Silent Moon

    Additional Tags: History Worldbuilding Oneshot Epic Alicorns
  • Drawfriend Stuff #507

    I've been begging Harwick for a poster of this for a week, and completely forgot to post it.   I'd kill to see something like this in a future episode.

    Have some art !

    Source 1
    The Mare Nubium Sets Sail

  • Fox News Reports on Military Bronies - Surprisingly Neutral!

    When this popped up on Gtalk from someone, and saw the Fox News url, I figured it would be negative.  Imagine my surprise when it wasn't! Fox News has actually posted something completely neutral about Friendship is Magic invading the military.  They primarily talk about the times article from yesterday, but It's still interesting to see them not bombard us for once.  Keep being awesome military bronies!

    Check it out here!
  • Howard Stern on Ponies Round 2!

    Howard Stern did yet another segment on ponies, sort of as a followup to the last one and twice as negative.

    Now, before you all explode in outrage, do realize it is technically his job to blow things out of proportion, and bombarding him with hate mail is pretty much the same as feeding the trolls.  He's just doing it the old fashioned way.

    Anyway, round two can be found after the break!

    And then Tara Strong put up the ultimate challenge!  Our brony queen truly is awesome. 

  • Season 3 - Not August!

    I fired an email off to The Hub to confirm the date announced at the Comic Con panel, and it sounds like season 3 will NOT be released in August.  They do however hope to have it on their schedule by the end of 2012, and will announce it four weeks in advance. 

    I guess we get to just sit tight for a bit! The Chrystal Pony DVD is scheduled for December, so I'm sure we won't have to wait that long.
  • Derpy on Hasbro Toy Shop! - And Then Sold Out

    Looks like Derpy just went up on Hasbro Toy Shop.   She went out of stock as I was typing this.

    You can find her page graveyard here!

  • Season 3 In August?

    Wait, what?
    So, back during that Comic Con panel, it sounds like Season 3 actually did get a loose release date while the crowd was cheering at the end. Amazingly enough it took until today, 5 days later, for someone (Zach) to point it out to us!  I blame the bad sound quality in the clip I uploaded!  In the video below, as well as all recordings of the season 3 song portion of the panel, you can clearly Micheal Vogel (VP of Development for Hasbro Studios)  say "Tune in next month!"

    We still don't have a set in stone date, and he could have just been excited at the entire room exploding in applause, but It's the best we got so far!

    Check it out after the break. 

    Deubunked- Hit the post

  • Bronyville Episode 64 - Friendship Plays the Part

    That crazy bronyville show has released another episode! Information below.
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    Mornin! Your sun is just cresting over the horizon and Sandy and I have another one of them audiofile episode things for you. This week we ended up getting our friend Mic the Microphone back in the studio to talk all about his recent rap battle productions and just to be typical Mic – very silly. We talk about the popularity of plastic wall-eyed mares, we venture into Season 3 SPOILERTOWN, and engage in a little on air roleplay.
    Apple Cider

    Starting this week you can listen to each new episode at 6pm eastern on Ponify.me!
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