• Plushie Compilation #72

    Private Pansy is all geared up and ready to go on another adventure. Well, as long as that adventure has something to do with baby bunnies or butterflies.

    Plushie time has come again! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Private Pansy reporting for duty

    Source 2
    Fluttershy 3

    Source 3
    Vinyl Scratch Crochet Bauble Head

    Source 4
    Pinkie Pie Crochet Bauble Head

    Source 5
    Beatnik Rarity Plush

    Source 6
    Rainbow Dash plush

    Source 7
    Fluttershy Plush Deluxe

    Source 8
    Durable Rarity plushie with movable head and ears

    Source 9
    TwilightSparkle Plushie

    Source 10
    Pinkie Pie defying physics

    Source 11
    Rarity IV

    Source 12
    Filly Surprise

    Source 13
    Dr Whooves Plushie

    Source 14
    Are You An Ursa Major or Minor

    Source 15
    Rainbow Dash Custom Plush - 20% larger

    Source 16
    Life Size Vinyl Scratch

    Source 17
    Pinky Pie Pinkamena needle felted plush commission

    Source 18
    I Just Love Daring Do

    Source 19
    The great and powerful trixie! beanie edition

    Source 20
    Tossy McDerp, complete!

    Source 21
    Rarity FIM my little pony plushie

    Source 22
    my little pony- Derpy

    Source 23
    Princess Cadence beanie

    Source 24
    Twilight in her dress

    Source 25
    My little pony Applejack plush

    Source 26

    Source 27
    Princess Luna

    Source 28
    Vinyl Scratch Plush


    Source 29
    Spike and Twilight Crotchet


    Source 30
    Gala Pinkie Pie


    Source 31
    Lyra Plush


    Source 32
    Luna Plushie

    Source 33
    Twilight and Spike Pillow

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