• Welovefine - Music Shirts, Ear+Mane Hoodies, and Friday Deadline / Meghan McCarthy Judging for Rainbow Dash!

     It looks like Welovefine is in a musical mood! A whole bunch of new pony shirts dedicated to the DJ's and ravers alike have popped up in their my little pony section. They have also introduced more hoodies, this time with manes and ears accenting the top.  You may have run into those if you were at Comic Con last week.   I remember when someone was custom making these on Facebook for a hundred bucks a pop! Glad they are available to the masses now. 

    And just a reminder for all the artists out there, the My Favorite Pony contest is ending in just two days! The Friday deadline is set in stone, so make sure you get your designs in before it's over!

    (Update): Meghan McCarthy will be judging for Rainbow Dash as announced on the welovefine facebook

    Check out more designs after the break.