• Nightly Roundup #380

    How about a Zecora edition because the zebras out there need love too. Hope we see more of her or even other zebras in season 3!

    News time guys and this one happens to be a bit longer than last night! Ready for it?

    DBZ vs My Little Pony

    I usually would be leery of anything DBZ combined with ponies, but this is actually pretty good! Check it out above.

    MLP Belgian Books

    Looks Belgium has gotten some MLP merchandise, particularly a sticker and game book along with a coloring book as well. Check out some pics below and thanks for sending these in Adamis!

    Fallout: Equestria PnP RPG Rule Set

    Looks like a group of dedicated Fallout:Equestria fans has created a pen and paper RPG rule set for the story! Check out their copy paste below.

    Everyone knows the story of LittlePip, the Lightbringer, who crawled from beneath the cold, hard ground to bring harmony back to Equestria. But what about those who came before? Those who would follow after? Equestria has had many heroes, and the end of civilization isn't enough to end hope or desire.

    In the darkest hours new heroes might rise to make the world a better place, or in the light of LittlePip's accomplishments they might stand to make life better for those who still remain. Or even just carve a little piece of the world all their own.

    Fallout: Equestria PnP is the result of an ongoing, communal effort spanning over eight months of design and play-testing by at least twelve groups play groups, including many authors.

    A set of rules intended to allow players to play characters set in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: Equestria. Be wary, the world is a dangerous place and heroes have a way of falling apart.

    Rule Set

    Source Filmmaker Pony Auto Lip Sync Package

    For you pony fans out there that like making those wonderful Gmod pony videos on Youtube, an auto lip sync package has been released to help with the tedious task of putting words into pony mouths. Check out the full details below and thanks for sharing Adamtheamazing64!

    I present something that I wish all Source Filmmaker Bronies to have in order for higher quality lip sync for the program. A pack that allows Version 3 Gmod Pony Models to have automatic lip sync for when an audio clip is dragged into Source Filmmaker.
    I put around 10 hours of work into making it work similar to how the Team Fortress 2 characters speak, mainly the heavy. Finished in 10 hours over 3 days.

    Here is the video with an example of how it looks when I finished it, as well as a tutorial in the description on how to install and set it up in Source Filmmaker: Video
    And BetterArtsAnimation on youtube presented a comparison using Applejack and the Engineer, using Dialogue from "Meet the Engineer": Video

    Swedish Brony Interview

    An interesting radio interview of a brony from Sweden has popped and has been translated thanks to a helpful Swedish speaking brony. Thanks Filip!

    Audio Link

    Link to Translation


    The Brony Bookclub - Episode 3

    Copy Paste:

    This week on The Brony Bookclub we interviewed Pav Feira about his great fan fiction, My Little Chrono: Triggers are Magic. We discussed the tenants of Fusion Fics, how to make a good one, the future of his own story, Pav and I interrupted each other at the same time, and I Squee-ed like a fangirl at the mention of a great anime. If you'd like to ask us something, comment on the show, give constructive criticism, or would like to help us, send us a letter at [email protected].

    You'll find this week's episode: https://rapidshare.com/files/1405788420/Episode%203.mp3. Next week we'll be having on Dubs Rewatcher, author of ...And the Kitchen Sink with a theme of Comedy! See you all next week bronies!
    BroNEcast 14 -VG Ponies and Wha-chow Invasion!

    Copy Paste:

    In this weeks episode we interview Super Psyguy, Serena Midori, and Crikey Dave! You may know them as the writer, vocalist and Doctor Whooves of VG Ponies! Well now they have stopped by the BroNEcast to talk about ponies, future plans for VG Ponies, as well as more upcoming pony projects! Don't miss this interview and be sure to check out BroNEcast at our new home at Musctletower.com! Episode link below.

    Episode Link
    BronyTalk Interviews InterludeProductions

    Copy Paste:

    Hey everypony! Another episode of BronyTalk coming your way this Thursday at 9PM EST, 8PM Central! Our special guest is going to be the production team behind MLP:FIM Dusk's Dawn, Interlude Productions! We are also going to be showing a clip of the show on the live stream so don't miss it!

    Along with the interview we are also going to be covering various news and happenings in the community that have happened in the past week. Hope to see you all on Thursday night!

    A trailer for the upcoming fan made episode:

    Public Pony Library - Ace2401 Memorial

    Copy Paste:

    This episode of the PPL is done as a tribute to the recently deceased Ace2401. We gathered some of his friends to help remember him and honor his memory. Every writer wants their work to spread and be read, and Ace wasn't an exception. If you could just peak at the memorial and his stories, you'd be doing him good. What follows is a link to his deviantART account: http://ace2401.deviantart.com/ If you don't watch the Memorial, at least just peak at his page. Thank you.

    The MBS Show Interviews The Living Tombstone

    He survived after stepping on Mineturtle. He witnessed Twilight Sparkle partying hard to his own mix. He likes Chicken Noodle. Who is he? Join The MBS Show this week as we talk to The Living Tombstone, the first brony musician to ever leave a mark on a The Rolling Stone Magazine, Rock Band and many more. Want to know what goes on in his head, how it feels to be behind the stand at the world's biggest brony convention and even what he was thinking when he made "that face"? Catch all that and more on this week's episode of The MBS Show, where Chicken Noodle is Magic!


    Successful Meetups

    Bronies of NSW Australia

    Taiwan Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    Hello, Everypony!
    Friendship is Magic has started to air in Taiwan since May 5th, 2012; Meanwhile in Taiwan – Heart of East Asia -  we are happy to declare the first Taiwanese brony meetup a major success! This event was held on July 15th, for those who live in northern Taiwan. Over 60 bronies attended, and we had a blast!
         We got three big cakes for the celebration of birthday ponies, and had some common sense contest of the episode, then most importantly – sing the smile song !  We even had an night marketing as the “aftermeetup”. Eeyup! And finally played board games and some fun stuff until midnight. Totally a successful meet up though!

    We plan on having more meetups in Taiwan soon, so stay tuned!

    More backgrounds about Taiwan Bronies ---
    Here in Taiwan (NOT Thailand, Obviously), we had several argument with mainstream media. Which is a local kids TV station called YOYO, for they translated Twilight sparkle as sort of … erection drug (facehoof), and the rest of the Mane 6 also got their worst-possible-Chinese name. Fortunately, after hundreds of e- mail, They finally accept our Translation list (not all, but nearly half of them). It’s a greatest things ever! just like this meetup .


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Arkansas Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Arkansas Brony meetup on July 28th at Old Chicago in Conway at 12:00. Come for a good time, meet some old friends and make some new friends. Be cool or be mule.....No offense.
    Pittsburgh Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The PittsBronies are holding an end of summer meet up at the Carnegie Science Center on August 5th at 2pm. Come make Twilight proud and learn about science and friendship before we see The Dark Knight Rises in Omnimax. all bronies are welcome to join in the fun. Go to Facebook for more details. See ya there!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Grunge Cheerilee Painting
    Chubby Fluttershy Plushie
    Luna Plushie