• Story: Octavia Takes The Bus (Update Complete!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheDorkside99
    Description: Her car's a mess, and so is her life. What better way to start making sense of the cruel world than to take the city bus? Octavia is in for a bumpy ride as she journals her observations and feelings about using the Equestrian Transit System. What will she discover? Only one way to find out!

    Octavia Takes The Bus (New Chapter 13!)

    Additional Tags: Medium, Intrapersonal, Funny, Serious, Cameos
  • Vocal Music: Parasite / Life Lessons / I Want You Vinyl Scratch

    Lots of electronicy autotune stuff this time around. Check them out below!

    1.) DJ MHM (ft. Prince Whateverer) - Parasite
    2.) Life Lessons (Original Song) {Twilight Sparkle}
    3.) I Want You Vinyl Scratch - the Phony Brony

  • Meghan McCarthy Clarifies Her Response to the Comic Alliance Movie Question

    Earlier today, we posted a Q&A from Comics Alliance, and buried within was a question about a Friendship is Magic movie.  Meghan McCarthy responded with a "No. Not with me.", and a few people were confused at that! She has since tossed a response about it up on her Twitter page, which you can find in the image above.

    We have heard a few rumors of a Friendship is Magic movie, but nothing we can actually confirm.   Considering the past gens all got them, I wouldn't doubt Hasbro would be more than willing to bust one out for their biggest pony hit yet.  Lets hope they do let Meghan and the rest over at DHX lead it.  I'll admit, they have spoiled me.  I don't think I can trust another team with pony!
  • Fighting is Magic Bite Sized Update #7 - Rules of Engagement

    The news around Fighting is Magic continues to mount as another bite sized update has arrived to psych you up even more for the game.

    In this update we have the game's rules of engagement, consisting of universal rules and techniques for each character. Also in this edition we have the current move lists for each character that has been showcased so far in their updates (Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack).

    Mind you the move lists and commands are still a work in progress, but this all still looks pretty neat! I can't wait for this game to come out. Check out the update here.
  • (Confirmed) Shout Factory Comic Con Catalog Listing Chrystal Ponies

    I haven't been able to 100% confirm this yet, but someone named Brian clued us in to a small blurb in the Shout Factory catalog at Comic Con. In the section listing MLP DVD's, they had the Friendship Express, Royal Wedding, and:
    Title: Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom
    Date: 12/4/12
    Product: SF 13701
    UPC: 8-26663-13701-9
    MSRP: $14.97
    Description: Join the lovable ponies of Equestria for more hilarious adventures in this collection.
    The date and theme definitely matches from what we have seen so far.   Again though, I don't have the actual catalog or a screenshot for definitive proof.  I sent a query off to Shout Factory, hopefully they can double check it for us! If not, maybe one of you intrepid attendees snapped a picture of it while grabbing your paper crown?

    And then it was confirmed!

    Thanks to Justin for the image! 
  • EFR Interviews Jayson Thiessen

    Looks like that crazy director over at DHX has had yet another interview directed his way.  Look how stressed he is with all that pony up there!  What would we do without him?

    Anyway, check it out after the break!

  • YTPMV: Mega Mare X3 / Apony Justice / PoniPoni (MLP x concon)

    Join ussss....
    They stare straight into your soul....

    Have some YTPMV's. We have Megaman, Phoenix Wright, and I'm not even sure what the last is, but it's really neat regardless!

    1.) Mega Mare X3 - Toxic Seapony
    2.) Apony Justice - Cornered
    3.) PoniPoni (MLP x concon)

  • Story: Never

    [Sad] "An intriguing look into the ramifications of immortality that manages to balance world-building as well as emotion." -Pre-Reader XY

    Author: shortskirtsandexplosions
    Description: “My daughter Celestia, look at me. I love you, and I wish the best for you in the eons of labor you have yet to endure. So heed my words. When we planted light upon the fields of Creation, Celestia, it was a divine thing. But there will come a time when our brilliance won't be enough. It will take a great, unknowable darkness to test the luminescence that we have bequeathed life. That is an abyss that we can never, ever follow our children down, no matter how much we love them.”

    Additional Tags: mmortality, mortality, friends, love, apathy, purple prose
  • When I Was A Filly: The Great and Powerful Trixie

  • Comic: Dress for Derpy's Date - Rejected / Stalkerloo Being Stalky / Brony's Big Day

    I'm not too sure about that Derpy... Rainbow Dash seems to like her though! We have three completely ridiculous ones this time around.  Click for full!

  • Pony Game Trailers: Rainbow Dash - Pony Disaster / Pinkie's Perilous Platforms

    You are now Rainbow Dash, at least that's the goal of this upcoming game that places you in her hooves for her daily routine of sleeping, weather controlling, and obsessing over yourself.  It looks like Industry is invading the world of Equestria though, and Dash is the only one with the power to save it.  These guys made that ridiculously addicting Waiting is Magic game, so I'm looking forward to this one.  Check out the trailer after the break, or their website here!

    We also have a new trailer from Pinkie Pie's perilous platformers.  This one looks to be taking a much more basic Mario style route, but that game has been running on the same formula for ages, so I'm sure people won't mind!

    Both trailers after the break.

  • Guess the Character Drawing Event!

    Totally not the new character...  Or is she?!
    Based on the earlier potential season 3 character reveal (Possible spoilers!), it's time for an event!

    We aren't sure if he is actually a new character, or just some bored flash animator at Hasbro dropping random images into their quizzes to throw us off, but that has never stopped this fandom before! 

    All we have is a head.  We don't know who or what he actually is.  It could be a pony, or maybe a snake, or even a 30 headed hydra! It's really up to you!  Try to guess what he actually is, or be creative and think of something wild!

    Now grab your pencil/pen/mouse, reference the image (Possible Spoilers!), and create what you think the character will look like. 

    The deadline will be either the 20th of July, or the day after his full form is released, so draw quick!

    We will be using the competition submitter for this.  Head on past the break for a quick tutorial on things people have had trouble with in the past.

  • Pony Wedding Micro-site + Possible Season 3 Character?

    Hasbro has released a new mico-site for the Royal Wedding stuff, with a whole bunch of neat little additions.  A good amount of it is stuff we have seen before, but they have also snuck in some season 3 / Crystal empire additions.  Ace Reporter Whathisgame gives a huge list of information after the break on every single little aspect of the site!

    The new character may or may not be upcoming, so avoid it anyway if you don't want any kind of spoilers. 

  • Music Remix/Vocal: This Day Aria: Literal Video / Success, Failure Duskshine / Honesty

    We have a completely ridiculous "literal" version of This Day Aria, followed by a colt remix of I Wasn't Prepared For This, and finish off with some new rock music! Check them out below.

    1.) This Day Aria: Literal Video Version
    2.) Success, Failure / I Wasn't Prepared For This (Full Cover) Feat. Duskshine
    3.) Zonak & LyokoFreaks - "Honesty"

  • Animation and Flash: Colgatelicious / Rainbow Dash Breaks the 4th Wall / My Little Pony (unexpected) / Rhythm is Magic - see-saw

    Since when did animations become as common as everything else? This fandom is crazy.  These are the simpler and shorter ones out there, but still pretty entertaining! Click for full.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #504

    I remember back in the day when I would have rebelled against converting the name Luna to something like Woona! It just fits though!

    Have some art.

    Source 1

  • Animation: Magic: the Travelling

    So, about a week ago Phoe came to me and Calpain saying she had been working on an animation project with a bunch of other people for a few months now.  Having only heard about this in passing, I wasn't sure what to expect! I downloaded the early edit of it and fired it up.

    Holy Celestia... This is awesome.  Two Minutes and thirty seconds of awesome to be exact.   Take those Pixar animation shorts that play before movies like Toy Story and Brave, that's pretty much the gist of it.

    And then I realized Bronytoons is the group behind the Luna/Celestia animation from a while back.  These guys are straight up talented.

    I'll shut up though and let you judge for yourself.  Go watch it below the break!

  • Post-Panel Comic Con Q&A With All the Big Names

    After the My little Pony panel at Comic Con, Comics Alliance rounded up Meghan, Tara, Tabitha, Nicole, and Cathy for a quick Q&A session about all things pony, primarily focusing on the brony community and their thoughts on how much Friendship is Magic has exploded. 

    Check out the full article here!
  • Vocal Music: Sisters United 1: A Lunar Lament / Happiness through labour / Shoot Like a Wonderbolt

    We have a mix of vocal music today!  Two acoustics and some rock.  Check them out after the break!

    1.) Sisters United 1: A Lunar Lament (FROM UPCOMING ALBUM!)
    2.) Happiness through labour
    3.) Shoot Like a Wonderbolt (Feat. Hergest Ridge)

  • Comic: Unicorn Problems / Really Cool Birthday Present / Sugarcube

    Mmm, breakfast. One of my favorite, though seldom eaten, meals of the day! Too bad I usually opt for sleep over food.

    Comic time you guys! Click for full!