• Nightly Roundup #356

    Like two peas in a pod they did everything together edition. Pretty short tonight!
  • Comic: It's Getting Crowded / Thinking Aloud / New Outfit Desu

    Boy, we have been getting a lot of comics lately! Not that I mind, I love the things. We've got some Rarity up above, and two Twilights below acting adorkable as usual.

    Click for full!

  • Bronycon Press Release - Parties, Deals, and More!

    Last I checked, 3000 wars a pretty massive number! Remember when that was the total number of us altogeather? Times sure did change. 

    Bronycon is right around the corner, and as is the norm for cons that are right around the corner, we have some final information for you all to dig through before headin out to the venue!

    We have everything from the massive Bronypalooza party to tips on getting there if money has become an issue.

    Check it all out after the break! 

  • Comic: A Summer Sunday Afternoon / Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

    Click for Full

    Got two epic length comics for you guys today! These two were made in a Draw Off between two friends and now they are asking for you to cast your vote for which ones the best. Check them both out above and below, they're really good!

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  • Animation: Sweet Date / Chocobo Run / Human Fluttershy Yay

    We have two short animation flash animation things this time around.  First off we have some Rhythm is Magic, this time dedicated to Lyra and Bonbon, followed by  Scratch riding a Chocobo.  I don't know why Scratch would be riding a chocobo... but she is.  I'd play that game regardless.

    And finally, we have a humanized version of the Fluttershy yay scene from Sonic Rainboom. I'll stick with ponies, but maybe some of you will get a kick out of it.  Click for full as always. 

  • Lyra is Awesome

    Lyra is the cutest pony.
  • Story: The Window


    Author: The Mechanic
    Description: One lazy Ponyville day, Twilight Sparkle doesn't really feel like doing anything. So she sits by her window and observes the ponies below.
    The Window

    Additional Tags: Honestly, not what you're expecting
  • Random Merch: Pony Bowling Set / Draw Something adds Bronies / Twilight Sparkle Shirt

     Time for some more completely random and off the wall merch! As you can see above, ponies now have their very own bowling set.  You can now beam Fluttershy and friends over with a giant heavy ball!  I bet someone out there has been asking for that.   Check out the store page for it here! And thanks to Shukie for the link!

    And in other news, it looks like the pictionary style game, Draw Something, has added Bronies to it's library of possible words.   I have had a few people send these in, but wasn't able to confirm it myself (I've banned myself from playing it due to being COMPLETELY ADDICTED).   Thanks to Pinkie Pie herself for the image!

    And finally, we have a Twilight Sparkle shirt from Childrens Place.  Sadly its toddler sized, but maybe if you lose enough weight you can wear it! I haven't seen that vector used before.  Usually Welovefine is the only place that dodges the stock ones we see way too much of. Thanks to Erika for that one.

    And that about covers it! As always, if you see random/off the wall merch, take a picture and send it on over to Submit@equestriadaily.com. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #482

    I have been told that we need more Applejack, so have some Applejack.

    Sadly most of this drawfriend is Twilight Sparkle regardless.  Can't do much about that!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates June 20th (Evening)

    8 Stories for you all today! Check them out below.

  • Story: The Lucky One (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping] Rarimac!

    Author: Evan MacIan
    Description: After a devastating fire, Rarity and Sweetie Belle move in with the Apple family, where Rarity gets to know Big Macintosh better.
    The Lucky One

    Additional Tags: Family, Understated, Rarity is the best pony don't even, Chapters named after songs, Macity

    Description: While expecting her first foal, Rarity finds her relationship with Big Mac tested.

    Sequel to "The Lucky One," but can be read on its own.
    Mistaken For Strangers (New Part 6+7!)

    Additional Tags: Family, Past, Rarimac, Rarity's-still-the-best-pony

  • Epic Pony Rap Battles of Equestria: Big Mac Vs. Blueblood!

    It has been a while since we had an Epic Pony Rap Battle. Poor Trixie is still recovering from the beatdown Twilight Sparkle gave her in the last round.   Friendship is Magic isn't completely limited to fillies though!

    Stallions need a spotlight every once in a while, and these two are ready to tear each other a new one rap battle style!  We have the down to earth, hard working farm pony on one side and the narcissistic royalty on the other. A war of societal classes at it's finest!  Who will come out on top?  Check it out after the break and decide for yourself!

    And new banner from Whitestar1802 to commemorate it! 
  • Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #1 - Sea Serpent

    You can't have an MLP Trading Card set without good old Steven!  This marks the start of our daily trading card sneak peeks that will last all the way until June 30th when Enterplay announces the promo for the people at Bronycon. 

    I'm also going to try to grab blurbs from the card writers for each of these.  This time around, we have Wendy who brings us the following all the way from Japan:
    Oh, look at him, he's so fabulous!  We knew we wanted to include Steven Magnet on account of his unusual fan following, but were fairly sure Hasbro wouldn't jump for the fan name; hence why we pitched him as 'Sea Serpent'.  The description lulls you into believing it is straight from the show...but then: 'A magnetic personality'?  How did that get there? Oh yeah, bronies.  In the spirit of the show, I think you'll find our fan references are subtle enough to be funny to those 'in-the-know', but not so blatant as to distract from the canonical essence of the cards.
    And there you have it! If you missed our post a week ago, head on over to this page for all you ever needed to know about pony trading cards, and be sure to check back daily for the next week and a half for more!
  • Instrumental: SweetieDreamt / Music Is Magic / Raise the Sun / Rocket To Insanity

    Luna is playing her DS, and you are listening to instrumental tracks! Check them all out after the break!

    1.) SweetieDreamt - Taps (Splicing / Chill / Trance)
    2.) Music Is Magic (Lullaby)
    3.) Nicolas Dominique - Raise the Sun (Solar Flare Mix) (Orchestral)
    4.) "Rocket To Insanity" - HeyLasFas {MUSIC} (Soundscape / Fanfic based)

  • Comic: White Eclipse / Trixie's Secret / The Stare / Lyra Gets Caught with Her Pants Down?

    We have four comics this time around for all of you! Sad Luna, followed by thethe Greatest and Most Powerful pony, and finishing with Fluttershy staring and Lyra being ridiculous.  Click for full!

  • Music Vocal/Remix: Flaedr: I Think She's Making Dresses / At The Gala (Captivated Remix) / Angel Eyes

    We have two remixes that aren't from the finale for once! That's a Rarity these days.

    And to finish us off, a parody. Check them all out below!

    1.) Flaedr: I Think She's Making Dresses
    2.) At The Gala (Captivated Remix)
    3.) MLP FIM Angel Eyes

  • Nightly Roundup #355

    So I heard you guys ordered a box of Luna? Well, here she is, but it's up to you to get her out of there. Hopefully you came prepared.

    Yep, Calpain back with the news and boy do we have a bunch tonight. So strap yourself in and get ready!