• Random Merch: Pony Bowling Set / Draw Something adds Bronies / Twilight Sparkle Shirt

     Time for some more completely random and off the wall merch! As you can see above, ponies now have their very own bowling set.  You can now beam Fluttershy and friends over with a giant heavy ball!  I bet someone out there has been asking for that.   Check out the store page for it here! And thanks to Shukie for the link!

    And in other news, it looks like the pictionary style game, Draw Something, has added Bronies to it's library of possible words.   I have had a few people send these in, but wasn't able to confirm it myself (I've banned myself from playing it due to being COMPLETELY ADDICTED).   Thanks to Pinkie Pie herself for the image!

    And finally, we have a Twilight Sparkle shirt from Childrens Place.  Sadly its toddler sized, but maybe if you lose enough weight you can wear it! I haven't seen that vector used before.  Usually Welovefine is the only place that dodges the stock ones we see way too much of. Thanks to Erika for that one.

    And that about covers it! As always, if you see random/off the wall merch, take a picture and send it on over to Submit@equestriadaily.com.