• Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #1 - Sea Serpent

    You can't have an MLP Trading Card set without good old Steven!  This marks the start of our daily trading card sneak peeks that will last all the way until June 30th when Enterplay announces the promo for the people at Bronycon. 

    I'm also going to try to grab blurbs from the card writers for each of these.  This time around, we have Wendy who brings us the following all the way from Japan:
    Oh, look at him, he's so fabulous!  We knew we wanted to include Steven Magnet on account of his unusual fan following, but were fairly sure Hasbro wouldn't jump for the fan name; hence why we pitched him as 'Sea Serpent'.  The description lulls you into believing it is straight from the show...but then: 'A magnetic personality'?  How did that get there? Oh yeah, bronies.  In the spirit of the show, I think you'll find our fan references are subtle enough to be funny to those 'in-the-know', but not so blatant as to distract from the canonical essence of the cards.
    And there you have it! If you missed our post a week ago, head on over to this page for all you ever needed to know about pony trading cards, and be sure to check back daily for the next week and a half for more!

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