• Sneak Peek at the Friendship is Magic Trading Cards from Enterplay

    Our new friends over at Enterplay have sent over a whole bunch of information about the upcoming Friendship is Magic trading cards.  It sounds like they have some great stuff set up for the brony community specifically. They actually brought a few people from the fandom on board to help design the cards, so expect a whole bunch of neat little shoutouts to be hidden within!

    Each booster pack will include 4 trading cards (One of which will always be a location, and another a sweepstakes card-info on that below), 1 foil/standee, and a pony tattoo to stick on wherever you damn well please. 

    And for those looking to complete the entire set (shouldn't be too hard considering how much we love our meetups and conventions), there are 137 cards total, including:
    • 12 Tattoos (6 of which are cutie marks, guess which ponies those probably are!)
    • 9 Pop Up Standees (an example can be found here)
    • 84 Base Collectable Cards, these will include characters, locations and scenes from the show.
    • 32 foil cards
    On top of that, they also have four foil gold box toppers that come with the booster boxes, and a six part Discord puzzle set.  And as is the norm for collectable cards, various events will be receiving promos, including the upcoming Bronycon! 

    If you were reading closely up above, you may have noticed the "sweepstakes" card.  This is essentially an online code you input for a chance to win one of 500 autographed cards, or a straight up complete set. 

    We are already coordinating an interview with the three bronies who were chosen to help build the set, so expect us to pick their brains for a bit more in the coming weeks, and starting on the 19th, Enterplay will be sending over one card a day up until their pre-release at Bronycon.

    Remember back in the day, before Welovefine was swarmed with pony stuff, and before we were even a fingerprint on the Hasbro Merchandise radar? I'm glad we have grown to a point where we can actually influence stuff like this! 

    Look forward to a July release, with a pre-release at Bronycon on the 30th of June.  Each pack will retail for $1.99, with online pre-orders opening up soon.