• More From Everfree Northwest:: Sponsor Memberships Announced

    It's an Everfree double whammy. If all of the tasty delicious guest announcements have appropriately whet your whistles, then there's something here that may interest you.

    A Sponsor Membership is a new level of registration with a lot of bonus perks to go along with the deal. Even if you've already purchased a badge, you'll be able to upgrade for the difference in cost. If you happen to have a few extra bits squirreled away or are just that excited about the highlight of all of our Augusts, then check below the break for a little more information!

    Exeunt, stage Phoe.

    Still looking for lodging to come visit Everfree Northwest? Good news, everypony! We’ve secured rooms at a second hotel within walking distance of the convention for Everfree Northwest guests.
    The Seattle Airport Marriott is offering rooms to Everfree guests at a rate of $114 plus tax per night. Amenities are slightly different from those offered at the Holiday Inn, so please check the Everfree Northwest website for full details.
    Be sure to use the Everfree code EVEEVEA when booking with the Seattle Airport Marriott.

    Now that you’ve got a place to rest your hooves, how about becoming a Sponsor for Everfree Northwest’s first year?
    If you hate waiting in line and have been saving your bits, Everfree Northwest is happy to announce that we are expanding our registration options with the Sponsor Membership!
    A Sponsor Membership is a full membership with some fantastic additional pre-paid perks. This membership gives you one autograph from each voice actor or actress attending our convention, normally $20 each with a basic membership. Furthermore, Sponsor Membership holders receive 'front of the line' privileges to all voice actor panels & signings at our convention.
    Due to the perks granted by these special badges, there is a limited number available for this tier of membership. If you would like to buy this tier of membership, please e-mail us directly at info@everfreenw.com.
    Already bought your badge? You can also upgrade your current membership to the Sponsor level by contacting us at info@everfreenw.com.