• Nightly Roundup #342

    The roundup is pretty massive tonight! Lots of ridiculous things, including Marshmallow ponies, floppy drive techno music, Japanese This Day Aria, Pony versions of High School pranks, and more!  If you usually skip them, check it out!  It's not even flooded by successful meetups for once. 

    Also Nox

    Rarity Really is a Marshmallow

    Just in case you had any doubts.

    Beyond her Garden on Floppy Drives

    It's pretty ridiculous!

    This Day Aria in Japanese

    I wouldn't mind hearing the entire show in Japanese, but I used to watch a lot of anime.

    Senior Prank: Ponify the School

    Some crazy students decided to drop ponies all over the school for their senior prank, including this giant poster. Have some infos below!

    Copy Paste:
    For my senior prank, I thought it would be perfect to bring a little friendship and magic to my school. So, after months of preparation, me and my friends stayed after school and covered the hallways with more than 100 pictures of ponies. Later that night we came back and hung an 11 meter wide poster on the back of a batting cage so that it faced the school.
    When we came in the next morning, everything had been taken down. No students ever saw it.
    We were upset, but it wasn't entirely unexpected, and we weren't going to give up that easily.
    A few days later we came back and hung another poster over a banister in the front lobby of the school right before classes stared.
    It was a trying experience, but the reward was priceless.

    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3
    Image 4
    Image 5

    Examiner Article: Why Bronies Shouldn't Be Treated So Harshly

    Yet another positive news piece? Who would have thought! Check out Examiner here!

    Ubisoft Pony Contest

    100 bucks in prize money for drawing stuff? Sounds like you guys need to get busy! Have some copy paste:

    My name is Matthias (I also go by Kikipatamoo) I'm head of the French Bronies and currently working as an Assistant Digital Marketing Manager at Ubisoft in Paris, but I will be leaving the company at the end of the month. As the only brony of the company at Ubisoft EMEA I wanted to express my gratitude toward the company and my fellow colleagues, thus I want to leave them with a little gift, and I thought to myself "there are so many cool videogames posters and artworks around here, but not a single one with ponies at all! This HAS to change before I leave"

    Therefore, I propose a little drawing contest with "Ubisoft Ponies" as a theme! The winner will win a 100€ prize, paid via Paypal. Just send your artwork or a link to your artwork along with your names (real name and artist name), Paypal account (if you don't have one, now is the time) at this address: matthias.mouy@ubisoft.com before June 18th, 12PM (Paris Time GMT+1). Any entry sent after this deadline won't be juged.

    Please be sure to read all the information about my project here

    Also, note that this contest is my own initiative and does absolutely not involve Ubisoft as a company.

    Lyra is FROZEN

    Apparently it's snowy over in New Zealand, and they made a Lyra! Pretty cool!

    Welovefine's Bag Cleaning Guide

    I want a Gossamer and Morning Dew bag.

    4 Weeks of Minecraft Pixel Art

    I honestly would have lost my mind halfway through!

    And the stats:
    estmated time: 4 weeks
    blocks: used: 20844
    height: 108 blocks
    length: 193 blocks


    That one Bronyshow Episode 19


    Mystery Pony Theater

    Pony Mythology Panel Update

    For those that listened to the bronycon Pony Mythological panel from way back a few months ago, a newly updated one has popped up. Check it out here!

    Summer Sun Celebration Livestream Event

    Copy Paste:

    It is a celebration for the summer soltis where ill be hosting a livestream of all the Ep's of MLP FIM starting at 10:30PM 6/19/2012 to the end of season 2 for more info you may cheak out the facebook page Hope to see all of you there :D

    Fallout Equestria Community Podcast



    Successful Meetups

    Birmingham England

    Copy Paste:
    On Saturday 2nd June, 30+ bronies gathered at Starbucks at Birmingham New Street station. We waited around for a while and a few of us bought coffees to keep us going. After we had everyone, we headed down to The Entertainer in search of pony toys. Unfortunately there were very few blind bags. We then headed off to Forbidden Planet where they had all sorts of geekery including companion cube plushies and V for vendetta masks and bobble heads! After that everyone was getting hungry, so we headed up to a pub, but we were unfortunately forced to leave as they had a strict 18+ restriction and some of us were underage. We diverted to a park and got food in a shopping centre with various places to eat. We then had a group sing-a-long to various pony songs including smile, smile, smile and Rainbow Factory. The main meet then fragmented when Tempest had to leave, so we had about 3 different groups doing different things. Our group went to Poundland to get pony sticker books and activity pads and then back to Forbidden Planet which was unfortunately shut, so we had to run back to the train station.

    Website+more photos


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Tuscon Meetup Group


    Helinski Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Brony Meetup - Saturday 16.6. @ Tapahtumakeskus Happi, Helsinki, Finland

    The legendary Helsinki Meetup is here again! Bigger, longer and all awesome, the event features entertainment, activities and just plain hanging around topped with refreshments such as delicious home-made muffins and cupcaaaaakes! The meetup starts at 14:00...


    North Dakota Bronies and Pegasisters

    Copy Paste:
    NDBAP has been created in an effort to get people in North Dakota who happen to love My Little Pony meeting up. There are plenty of Bronies and Pegasisters in the North Dakota area, but we're a scattered group and need a little prodding to get connected. That's what this Facebook group is for! Come meet some new friends that live closer to you than you might think. And remember, this group abides by the Bronie mantra: Love and Tolerate.


    Mexico Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    "Place: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.
    Date: Saturday, June 16th 2012

    Our 3rd Bronies MTY meeting.
    The place will be again the Usagi Coffee, in the third floor of Plaza Garibaldi.
    It will be this june 17th from 15:00 untill you drop!

    This meeting is for anounce a previous of our group activities in Animex, and other subjects of the group, the point is that everypony can have fun, Bronies MTY style!

    Again, we will have a raffle for the benefit of the club.

    There will be snacks and surprises by 'The Kraken Industries', and more information about our 'Canterlot Special Deliveries' friends.


    Charlotte NC Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Since the last time it was announced, the meetup has gained a lot of steam! So far, we have about 50-60 people planning on going, but it's about to get a lot bigger once we spread fliers all through the streets of Charlotte, NC! While it's still a just a meetup, it will be big, with artists booths, pony musicians, and more. It's set for July 14th, in Matthews, NC (the exact location to be decided later this week).



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Lots of plushies
    Pinkie Pie plush