• Album Compilation : A Dream Revisted / Pegasus Last Flight / Operation Pony / Eternal Glory

    I heard you guys like going back to the good old 90's when music was released in big albums instead of single tracks, so have some of those!   It's album time.

    We have Aviators, Riff Track, Micheal A., and Eternal Glory this time around. Click the albums covers for the full links.

  • Story: Waiting


    Author: Nicholas Taylor
    Description: Immortality doesn't just mean losing every pony close to you. It also means watching the world crumble to dust.

    Additional Tags: Immortality cranked up to eleven
  • Story Updates June 16th (Evening)

    Apparently it's Fallout Equestria: Project Horizon's birthday on July 2nd.  Pretty crazy how long it has been going on!   If only FiM would air year round...

    Have some story updates.

  • Wallpaper Compilation #57

    I'm in that detective mood today, so have a Sherlock Holmes pony wallpaper to celebrate.

    And a bunch of others after the break.

  • Vocal Music: Faster / The Story of Octavia

    Rainbow Dash music? I always did like the fast stuff.

    We also have some Octavia to finish it off with some vocals for once! Check them all out below.

    1.) FraGmenTd - Faster [MLP: FiM Fansong]
    2.) Brony MACH - The Story of Octavia

  • Untitled

  • Comic: Pokemans Pink: The R'lyeh Journeys / Working Hard / Derpy Age

    Yeah sure, it may be Cthulu, but I know my money is on Pinkie Pie to win this fight. The poor guy doesn't stand a chance and Twilight is going to be ever so surprised when Pinkie comes back to show Twi what she's caught.

    Yep, more comics! Click for full as always!

  • Plushie Compilation #66

    Time for some Pinkie Pie because I don't think she's had an edition for awhile. Can't go too long without parties now can we?

    It's plush time once again! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #478

    Velvet Remedy edition! I've never read the fic, but I totally know who she is.  Imagine that.

    Have some art!   Another shorter one today, but they can't all be long right?

    Source 1
  • More Mystery Blindbags on Taobao

     It looks like they aren't stopping at just alicorns and nightmare ponies over in China today!   Our time traveling friends FROM THE FUTURE have obtained a bunch of  unknown blind bag toys, mixed with a few from the 3rd and 4th sets including the non-crystal version of Colgate. 

    The ones that aren't from existing sets are either from the un-announced 7th set, or factory worker knock-offs.  I'm banking on the former.

    (I also really want magnet pony)  

    You can the sets here (Scroll down) and here and Colgate here (Sold out) 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up as always! Digging Taobao so we don't have to~

  • Animation: Doctor Whooves and Assistant 2

    The second installment of the animated version of Doctor Whooves and Assistant has been released! Join Derpy in her quest to figure out why the hell this pony talks to much and why he has no clue what is going on! Also Nightmare Moon.

    Check it out here!
  • Brushable Nightmare Moon and Alcicorn Trio hit Ebay

     I looks like good old China has accidentally once again released some toys FROM THE FUTURE!  The upcoming brushable Nightmare Moon and three Alicorn blindbags are up for auction.  If you just can't bring yourself to wait until August to pick them up, I guess this is the best way to get them!  For everyone else, they have a bunch of neat views on their Ebay pages.  Nightmare Moon especially is looking pretty awesome.  Links below.

    Nightmare Moon

  • Comic: Oh Tush! Not Again / Music Theory 2: The Wobbling / Foalish Misconception

    Luna, I think at this point you should know that it's probably not a good idea to mess with your sister's stuff. Let's just hope that she doesn't notice the trouble you caused.

    Time yet again for some more comics! Click for full.

  • Story: Hivemind (Update Part 9!)

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Cyberglass
    Description: Twilight Sparkle wakes up to find the events of the past few days were a lie. But can one pony save Equestria from an enemy who has already won?
    Hivemind (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate ending, stolen identities, matrixception
  • PMV: DVNO / Ponies La Derp Your Brain 2 / Beelzeboss

    We have Twilight Sparkle trotting everywhere, Ponies being ridiculous, and Mic/Jackle Appe battling Discord. Check out these crazy PMV's below!

    1.) DVNO [PMV]
    2.) Ponies La Derp Your Brain 2
    3.) Beelzeboss - PMV

  • Music: Discord (Sim Gretina Remix) // The Perfect Stallion (JoinedTheHerd-Remix) // Isle d'Equius // Equestrian Evening //

    Oh god. Oh god. This isn't happening. This isn't right. Stop it. Stop it right now.

    While I go on a spiritual journey, have an old-fashioned music post. Today we have two instrumentals and two remixes. Have at them!

    1) Eurobeat Brony - Discord (Sim Gretina Remix)
    2) CMC - The Perfect Stallion (JoinedTheHerd-Remix)
    3) Isle d'Equius (MLP:FIM RPG Soundtrack)
    4) Equestrian Evening

  • Animation Projects: Double Rainboom Updates+Animation Test and Pony Rock Anthem Teaser Shot

    Double Rainboom has released a couple of new things for you all to dig into.  They website has added 9 new backgrounds from the final animation, more concept art, puppets for both Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, and an armada of crew members.  This is starting to look like a full fledged studio at this number!  Eleven animators, six storyboarders, twenty background creators, a special effects guy, five puppeteers, and three sound designers make up their staff now.  I can't wait to see what they all come up with.

    We already posted their Bees animation test, but they released a new one.  Check that out after the break!  Zach Rich, the guy runnin the show, tells us we can expect to see a new trailer in the near future, along with more of these tests.

     And in other news, ShadyVox has posted a teaser storyboard screencap of the upcoming Pony Rock Anthem music video project on his Twitter page.  Check the image out below!

  • Rainbow Dash Ipad Case, Back of "Brony" Hat, and Pony Thermus

    A couple late ones have come in from The Angry Otaku.  It looks like iPads everywhere are going to get some love.  An oddly colored Rainbow Dash is incoming to a cover near you!

    Her also sent an update picture of that "Brony" hat from a few days ago.  It looks like Hasbro has really grown attatched to that line. 

    And in the last slot, a MLP Thermus.  This looks more like one of those simple promotional logo items though, as opposed to an actual thing they will be selling in stores. 

    He also got to talk to a few of their merch people.   Apparently they are still completely amazed that we even exist, and even wonder why we never popped up for the older generation stuff.  Hopefully they figure us out soon! I want my plushies and molded show accurate stuff that doesn't cost 300 bucks on ebay! Until then though, I guess we will just have to completely bombard the first show-accurate toy they send our way.

  • Ponies at a Beach

    I bet that salt and sand would get really obnoxious with all that hair.

    I'd hang at this beach though.  Check the video out after the break!

  • Nightly roundup #351

    PIXEL PONIES edition. Let's get this nightly... rounded.. up!