• Nightly roundup #351

    PIXEL PONIES edition. Let's get this nightly... rounded.. up!

    Pinkie Pie Chess Piece

    Everyday I'm chess...y...in'!

    Check it out here.

    Celestia Mural and also Cocktail Menu

    Apparently that Celestia GLOWS IN THE DARK. SO jealous.

    Ponies Appear on French Talk Show

    Apparently ponies made an appearance on the French channel Nolife! The host apparently had a trixie shirt too.

    Scootaloo Made out of Scootaloo Nuggets

    I really want to know the thought process behind this


     Australian Bronycast

    Reviewing MLP FiM Episode's 1-4 may even episode 5 if we are lucky. Comp is still in panning for the icon, badge and background winner may get a OC drawing of their pony or something from the toy range that they don't have. Also we are going to be at Ponycon 2013 next year and we'll be broadcasting live from the event even broadcasting the event it self too don't know yet.
    Hoping that people from the community can come and join us for fun and enjoyment and see how us Aussie brony's put a spin on the show and reporting anything in news but the biggest thanks goes to EQD and the team for bring us all the gossip and such and its were we all go to get the latest news.

    Skype: lightninghoof

    Also anyone interested in coming on the livestream show I may be able to pull something off right in the morning AEST time to make sure we can get everyone on and enjoy the show
     That One Bronycast

    Hey you guys!!! you know that brony challenge meme that was going around a while back well we're doin it and on top of that you can join us in the action this Saturday 9:00am Central time so that's what ever time it is for any of you not in central time, the internet can help you where i fall short, anywho we're running it from 9:00am central to 4:00am Sunday morning more than 20 hours of pony, every single episode form start to finish not breaks or stops so if your up for it and feel like wasting a Saturday along with us stop on by at:

    That One Bronycast's stream: http://www.livestream.com/thatonebronycaststream
     Mystery Pony Theater 2000

    Mystery Pony Theater 20000 episode 4 "luna eclipsed": Click here!
     Ponytronic Podcast


    Above is the link to the PonytronicPodcast, a podcast that I have decided to make weekly of the newest music in the community, Any artist new or experienced is welcome and credit is always given after the song is played as well as in the description. Though it's new I have received about 70-80 views a video from week to week. 
    The MBS Show

    She's the founder of the legendary BroNYCon, the pony behind the Old Grey Mare podcast and now, a guest on Malaysia's first MLP Podcast, The MBS Show! This week we have Purple Tinker joining us. Find out what she had to go through in her efforts to make BroNYCon happen, how she became a brony and also how she got her really unique name! All that and more right here on Episode 15 of The MBS Show!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     The Boston Bronies (NH Division) will continue their observance of the Equestrian Holidays with a meetup for the Summer Sun Celebration (Observed).  It will occur on Saturday, June 23rd, 12PM, and run until 4.  The site is the Marion Gerrish Community Center in Derry, NH (39 West Broadway). Come help us welcome the longest day of the year.
     World of Warcraft

    We are a 10man raiding guild who are looking to recruit members that want to have fun, we will POSSIBLY upgrade to a 25man raiding group soon. If you are interested whisper/in-game mail Mackoi, Mklee, Rularen, and Picardus.
     Thorpe Park

    Hey, y'all! BronyScream's happening in just two months now, at Thorpe Park! We'll be meeting up and riding the rides, food-fighting, and apparently Thorpe park may be having a bit of a makeover here and there for us! It should fantastic fun, So drop in if ya like, anypony's welcome! We'll also have a pizza fight! Yeah!
    Anyway, It'll be on the 15th of August, Thorpe Park, and we'll meet around the Swarm I think, the first ride we'll visit. Updates and changes on the happenings and stuff at Thorpe Park can be found on this here Facebook page;
    If you're to join us, pwease join the page- It'd be handy for getting a good idea of numbers and such!

    The EVE online corporation Sweet Asteroid Acres [SWTAA] is looking for new members. We are a high/low security based corporation with extensive Planetary holdings in the Genesis region. We are a laid back Industrial corporation with a focus of Planetary Interaction, Astroid bucking, Ice Scoring and educating new players on how to navigate low security space safely. We have also made connections with other brony-based alliances and corporations.
    Creating a friendly environment and providing economic oppertunities to our members is what we're about. New to the game? No problem. We accept pilots of all skill levels and skill point totals.
    If you are an EVE pilot, new or old, and are interested in learning more. Contact me Pinstar Colton in game.
    If you are the leader or diplomat of a brony friendly corp or alliance and wish to exchange brohoofs, Please also contact Pinstar Colton in game.
    If you have never played EVE and are curious to try it, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I can send you a 21 day free trial to give the game a try. 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Pinkie Pie Chubbie Plush
    Twilight Sparkle Plush