• Rainbow Dash Ipad Case, Back of "Brony" Hat, and Pony Thermus

    A couple late ones have come in from The Angry Otaku.  It looks like iPads everywhere are going to get some love.  An oddly colored Rainbow Dash is incoming to a cover near you!

    Her also sent an update picture of that "Brony" hat from a few days ago.  It looks like Hasbro has really grown attatched to that line. 

    And in the last slot, a MLP Thermus.  This looks more like one of those simple promotional logo items though, as opposed to an actual thing they will be selling in stores. 

    He also got to talk to a few of their merch people.   Apparently they are still completely amazed that we even exist, and even wonder why we never popped up for the older generation stuff.  Hopefully they figure us out soon! I want my plushies and molded show accurate stuff that doesn't cost 300 bucks on ebay! Until then though, I guess we will just have to completely bombard the first show-accurate toy they send our way.

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