• Music Remix: Flutter Free / AgileDash Befriends PinkiePieSwear - Trixies Great Side / Friendship (rock cover)

    Time for some remixes, kind of!  We have Fluttershy with a "semi" so many wonders remix, a much more electronic version of "Trixie's Great Side", and Aviator's Friendship, the rock version.  Enjoy!

    1.) Toastwaffle - "Flutter Free"
    2.) AgileDash Befriends PinkiePieSwear - Trixies Great Side (Full Version)
    3.) Friendship (rock cover)

  • Nightly Roundup #276

    Twilight is the cutest, smartest, all-around best pony edition. Let's get to it!

  • ToyWiz Facebook Poll

    Apparently ToyWiz has a new poll up asking which series has the best fans! Pony is holding it's own but we could certainly be doing better. There is also an incentive for winning the poll with the prize being a sale on the winning product line as well as a giveaway!

    So go vote and rejoice with pony merchandise after the victory! Sally forth!

    You can find the poll here.
  • Story: Whip and Wing (Update Part 11!)


    Author: Fernin
    Description: The Medallion of Light and the Medallion of Shadow are some of the most powerful yet obscure artifacts of antiquity. Created by a now-vanished cult of assassins, the two devices together give their bearer the incredible power to walk the worlds with but a single step.

    Nefarious forces are closing in on both artifacts, and very little stands in their way. Heinrich Himmler's agents covet the medallions for the greater glory of the Third Reich. Ahuizotl's simply want their master to get what's coming to him: the world, and everything in it.

    With the fate of all good people and ponies in doubt, one thing's for certain: saving two worlds would be one hell of an adventure. And if adventure has a name, it must be Daring Do… or is that Indiana Jones?
    Whip and Wing (New Part 11!)

    Whip and Wing (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Crossover, Adventure, Nazis, Cultists, Artifacts
  • PMV: Daddy Discord

    Time for some PMV fun my pony friends! Tonight we've got a video of Daddy Discord for you all to chew over. Go and check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  • New Welovefine Free Stuff and Shirts!

    Remember back in the day when Derpy was being pulled from welovefine?  That sure didn't last long!  It looks like they have a new promotion up for a free exclusive Derpy Hooves keychain for those that buy five Friendship is Magic items.  I wish these were mass produced so bad, that keychain is glorious!

    And along with that, the three purchases for a blindbag promotion is still on, so it looks like you get both if you aim for the derp!

    They also have a bunch of new shirts, have some below, and a few polo ones after the break!

    As always, you can use this link to find the new stuff. 

  • Story: A Game of Twits


    Author: Cassius
    Description: After a mishap at a local cafe leaves Twilight and Fluttershy heavily in debt, the two decide to enter a tournament in order to pay it off. However, they aren't the only grandmistresses planning on winning it big—do they stand a chance against The Black Queen?
    A Game of Twits

    Additional Tags: Ponies playing chess are interesting
  • Comic: Congratulations / The Great and Powerful Failure / Molestia VS Discord

    Got a variety of comics for all you fillies and gentlecolts! Above we have Rainbow Dash in a situation she, and Fluttershy, did not exactly expect. While down under we have some Trixie, and Celestia calling in some backup to deal with the ever defiant Discord!

    Click the pics for a full view.


  • Vocal Music: Better Spitfire / / Love

    We have some rap, some acoustic, and some orchestral vocals for you all today!

    You know the drill, go listen to some music.

    1.) TheDumplingz - Better Spitfire
    3.) DongleKumquat - Love

  • Story Updates March 27th (Evening)

    Just four updates today.  Check them all out below.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #375

    Applejack is under represented! She deserves an edition!

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 Finale Confirmed for Greatest Thing Ever

    My wings are so pretty!

    Equestria Daily, the world's premier pony press publication, previously printed this article pertaining to princesses prancing down the aisle with pride. Presently, we are pleased to present The Hub's new press release providing prescience regarding Cadence, purported niece of Celestia. How perfect!

    That is to say, The Hub was kind enough to share a statement with us about the upcoming season finale and their plans to dial the marketing campaign up to 11 (or beyond, if they can find room on the dial). Yes, Tori Spelling is really hosting the coverage of the wedding, and yes, that is very silly. But that isn't all. They're promising teasers and activities throughout the leadup on Facebook and Twitter, and they'll be launching a new site on April 2nd which will feature brand new games and stickers and party hats and all sorts of wonderful little things for us to occupy ourselves with while we wait to see exactly what the heck our favorite animation studio has planned for us to end the season on.

    With all of these resources coming out to us, there are unfortunately a number among us without access to The Hub or who live in extremely uncooperative time zones who will have difficulty seeing the episodes (yes, that's plural) live. But that doesn't mean you should give up on the excitement. There's time to plan before April 21st rolls around, so take advantage of this and plan a party! Find some friends with the network or an internet connection that can handle a stream. Get some cake and champagne or... uh... apple cider for the festivities. Gossip and debate and wonder about everything we've seen and what it all means. Bronies, I ask you: if the fictional wedding of a pair of brightly colored, magical equines is not something to be excited over, neigh, the event of the century, then what else could possibly be so worth our time?

    Find the official press release below the break:
  • My little Pony Trading Cards on the Way From Enterplay!

    (Note: Note an Actual Card from the Game)
    It looks like a company called Enterplay has taken the helm on a new My Little Pony trading card set.  It should probably be noted that they are not called it a "trading card game", so it's most likely specifically for trading.

    The actual release is slated for June, though a specific date was not given.

    They actually have a survey up if you want to help out, click this link to take it! 

    Example of Trading Cards from their Zelda Page
    Source: Enterplay
  • Monster and Accompanying Music Video

    Another new Brony Dance Party PMV has been released, this time dedicated to Aviators and Omnipony's new Monster song.

    Check out both after the break! 

  • Friendship is Magic Collectors Edition Dominates EzyDVD Top Sellers

    Either this website doesn't sell dvd's too often, or the idea of a Friendshop is Magic box set made everyone's wallets explode!  Buying the actual collectors edition isn't exactly cheap either.  Considering the other volumes are sold separately, it's pretty impressive to see so many people put money down, essentially guaranteeing they would be willing to spend quite a bit of money over time. 

    Anyway, check the website out here!  Hopefully we can get some blue-ray box sets in the future thanks to this!
  • Another Ponyville Confidential Preview Clip (The Third One)

    That game over on the My little Pony website has updated yet again with another preview clip of the new episode.  As is the norm, you can find it here! If you really want the challenge, play the game!

    I think we are going to end up seeing this entire episode before it even airs at this rate.  This is the third preview clip, they just keep giving us stuff!
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Sweetie Bot Replies

    I can't believe I didn't see this one sooner.  We actually got the video (After the break) in the inbox and I figured I might as well spotlight the page it originally came from!

    "Sweetie Bot Replies" is based off of the Sweetie belle android in Friendship is Witchcraft.  For those that have never watched the series before, It is sort of a running joke that some ponies are actually robots, and completely unaware of it.  In other words, the greatest thing ever.

    The video after the break will take you through a few examples of what this tumblr is capable of.  Hopefully they make more of these in the future! 

    You can also find your classic text/image blog here!

  • Story: Directive: Grow (Update Part 11!)

    [Crossover] [Adventure] [Slice of Life] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: A Dragon Dreaming
    Description: When your world is digital, when you are bound only by your code, and even that can be changed, what do you do? When your only directive is to grow, where do you go? A young AI, so young, in fact, that she has only just emerged from the pod, is about to find out.
    Directive: Grow (New Part 11!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle is now my antivirus
  • Equestria Inquirer #31

    I can't think of anything too interesting to say, so have the link, and a copy paste description after the break!

    Youtube Video
    Written Version

  • The Brony Show Episode 45 - JasonTheHuman

    I'm going to use an image of Fluttershy with goggles this time, because I'm sure you all know the drill by now. 

    The Brony Show's copypaste can be found after the break!

  • Vocal Music: Sweet Apple Acres / Taking Flight / Stripe x - Disciple

    Hell, have some music too.   We can skip 9:00 am tomorrow.  This stuff is too cool for the queue.

    This post literally travels the entire spectrum of rock. First off is some soft stuff from Mandopony, followed by a bit more metal track from Prince Whatever, and finishing off with some Deathcore for those that like that genre. 

    1.) Sweet Apple Acres
    2.) PrinceWhateverer - Taking Flight (a song for the Wonderbolts)
    3.) Stripe x - Disciple [Original Song]

  • I lied, have another ridiculous video - Amazing Pony - The Animation

    We can have two ridiculous videos tonight right? ...right?
  • Nightly Roundup #275

    Fluttershy in goggles is the best thing ever.  Our blog intern is safely secured back in his laundry closet, so I'm doing the roundup tonight!

    Uhhhh, that's all I got... charge!

  • Twilight Shows Pinkie Pie the Internet

    Have a ridiculous video for the night! Sometimes I'm glad these ponies don't actually exist. I can only imagine how some of them would react. Poor Fluttershy would never leave her room!

    Find that after the break.

  • Story Updates March 27th (Midnight)

    It's that time of the night once again.  Check out eight new story updates after the break!